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Week in Review: NUTRITION

This is a condensed version of my research into mastering movement, health and life.

This was also posted on the members only LatsOn Training Facebook group.



‘Average’ Calories consumed:
= 27,575 …
too few are often a bigger issue than too many


‘Average’ Calories burned:
Male : 2,700-2,900
Female : 2,000-2,100
*Extreme = 6-8,000

  • Even a 500 calorie deficit can make you feel like crap

What is a Calorie
? -> are not real things! -> but a Measure.
-> Calories are not what the Body uses as a fuel source
-> Nutrient Density is what mater most!


3 Things you Need To Look For In Your Food

  1. Nutrient Density
  2. Digestibility
  3. Caloric density
    Other Considerations:
    + avoid refrigeration for long periods
    + use extra virgin olive oil
    + make/grow your own food!


Nut Butters

  • Peanuts are actually a legume which are high in harmful lectins and phytic acids
  • High in heated oils and omega 6 (which we already get too much of)
  • Eat nuts RAW if possible



  • Soak / ferment / sprout them!
  • Makes them more nutrient dense and more digestible


Starvation Mode

  • Very common!
  • Work stress + Exercise fatigue = Excess Fat Storage!**
  • WHY: when stress is compounded upon stress the body shifts its focus from energy expenditure, to energy storage, so that it can better cope with the stress you intuitively knows is going to happen sooner or later.
    (Thus no muscle building or regeneration occurs)



Vs. sugars and starches – which increase blood triglycerides as well as inflammation (all of which affect your ability to get a good night sleep by the way…)

Fat as your main fuel source allows you to achieve faster and more permanent weight loss:
Fat is the main energy source for the majority of cells in your body
Ideal Ratio of- Fat : Protein : Carbohydrate=

5 : 3 : 2

*a higher ratio of carbs are needed for females in order to avoid hormonal downregulation
*Strength athletes and hypertrophy requires a higher ratio of both Carbs and Protein.

4 weeks – for the body to become Fat Adapted
– 1 week for some initial benefits
– 1-2 years before fully fat adapted

Suggestions for Low Carb Lifestyle

  • Fast for the morning on days without training (OK=oil, coffee, tea, greens, sea vegies)
  • Eat more calories at breakfast on training days
  • Moderate amount of starches the dinner before a race / game / strength event
  • Consider taking carb/mct oil supplement during event
  • Consider a full 24hr fast around once a month
  • ‘Low’ Carb = 100-200 grams a day … 700 for strength athletes

Skinny Fat =
hormones depleting at a rate faster than any fat loss


(evidence for the) Brain – Gut Connection!

  • ¾ of the immune system is in the gut
    so is MOST of your body’s serotonin


Gluten and Gliadin-full meals:

  • will inflame your gut for up to 15 hours
  • the length of the recovery process depends on how much damage has accumulated… is can take days, weeks, even years!

+ Eat fermented foods to help your gut

+oil of oregano on the regular

Examples Gluten free grains = Amaranth / Millet / Quinoa



  • Consider a sauna session instead of a training sessions when detoxing
  • Large amounts of fiber prior to a workout is not a good idea (especially if impact is involved)
  • Consider a daily detox drink



  • Potassium before and after

  • Cysteine (milk thistle, goji, ginger, artichoke…)

  • Curcumin

  • Bone broth / Gelatin (helps repair gut)

  • Ginger tea


Pre – work out

  • Juices
  • Caffeine
  • Easily digestible carbs (potato / rice)
  • Mct oil
  • A few slow digest carbs / protein
  • Easily digestible fats – chia – collagen
  • Amino acids
  • Salt!
    lose 1-2000 milligrams/hr -> still can go for 5 hrs before cramping


Post workout

  • large meal only really needed if no pre-workout meal, OR
  • If another workout is within 8 hrs, OR
  • Hypertrophy is the goal – then eat everything!


Going on a Long Trek / Endurance sessions?

  • Fuel up every hour!


  • Easy digest starch
  • 2 tbsp. mct oil
  • 5 grams amino acids




If So,

You are Amazing!

But also;
You NEED to Listen to this ->
– go ahead an skip about 2 minutes in if you want to jump right into it




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