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Week in Review: “Ancestral Athlete “+ HIIT + Grease the Grove + Strength + Stamina = ‘FIT’

‘Week In Review’ – ‘FITNESS’

This is a condensed version of my research into mastering movement, health and life.

This was also posted on the members only LatsOn Training Facebook group.

Ancestral Athlete model
“We didn’t have refrigerators, preservatives, microwaves, fast food or pizza delivery … we’d wander onto the plains with a weapon or go out to gather grasses, grains, fruit and vegetables – and we’d expend extra energy properly preparing those natural foods.”
Ancestral Athlete approach to training:
– Lots of low level activity with occasional bursts of very high intensity “which builds endurance without significant physical and metabolic damage.”
– Evolution has allowed us to develop “and innate ability to engage in extended periods of sustained movement,” ( and modern life is taking that away!)
– Train to be fast and strong and recover well = builds up the reservoir that is “innate ability”
Chronic exercise =-more than 90 mins a day
– Anything more and you risk heart stress – especially if over 50
– As little as 15 mins a day can increase your longevity
Klaus Gebel : 150 mins a week -20/30 of which must be vigorous
If 30% of weekly exercise is vigorous = 9% less likely to die prematurely
Size Principle of muscle – “when a smaller muscle fails to meet power demands, larger muscles are recruited”- and you NEED high intensity training to tap into these larger groups of muscles.
Heart Rate Zones:
– not strict / should not shackle you into a certain type of training …
Z1 – walking a dog @70-76% Lactic acid threshold // 45-65%VO2Max
Z2 – long slow aerobic @77-85% // 66-80%
Z3- race –pace @86-95% // 81-87%
Z4- intervals @ 2:1 / 3:1 @ 96%-100% // 88-93%
Z5- HIIT @ 1:1 / 1:3 @104% // 94-100%VO2Max
Z5+ Max Power @ 1:4 -> 1:10 @Max lactic acid threshold and VO2Max
No-(wo)Man’s-Land Training:
– People go too hard on easy days
– And too easy on hard days
– Causing you to be training within the same energy system constantly
o This can lead to energy, hormonal and endocrine disruptions.
– Easy days = REALLY easy // Hard days = REALLY hard
Pareto Principle : 80/20 = ‘Polarized training’
No more than 8% ‘hard training’, the rest of the ‘20%’ should also be close to 90%VO2max
= “careful application of high-intensity training”
Endurance =
1) Heart rate
2) Stroke volume
3) Heart contractility
VO2Max =
1) How much blood is sent to the muscles
2) The efficiency of how much O2 actually gets transferred into the muscles
HIIT = affects both + increase mitochondria, strength, venous return etc….
>HIIT- increases how much blood your muscles can utilize
>Aerobic training – increase how much blood your heart can send to your muscles
HIIT STUDY = 4-6 sets or 30 second max effort @ 4.5 mins recovery – 3 days a week
– This scheme produced greater power to strength ratio
Stephen McGregorHIIT routine:
4s x 30sec max @ 2-4 min rest x 3/week
– Slowly increase to 10 sets @ 2.5 mins rest over 7 weeks
Cramping – a possible cause – your cramping muscles just never has had to produce the same forces it had to prior to the cramp, the cramp is the body/muscle protecting itself.
Minimum Effective Dose (MED)
>Cardio/VO2Max: 5 sets of 4 minute intense intervals – every 2 weeks
>Aerobic Capacity/muscle endurance: 2 or 3 Tabata’s a week
>Strength and Muscle mass: one 15-20 minute super slow-motion session a week + one high intensity workout per week
>Mitochondria density: sprint bursts 1-3 times a week – 4 second on: 20 seconds off
>Stamina: anything 90mins+ / once a month WHY? – 90 min mark is when your body runs out of sugars and must start utilize your own fat as fuel + increases mental focus and resiliency
Optimize fat burning:
1) Short aerobic workouts in the morning while fasted
2) Avoid frequent snacking
3) Save carbs till end of day
4) Mild activity all day (stand up every hour)
5) BE ANTI-FRAGILE via hot and cold adaptation
Underground Tactics to enhance endurance”:
>Over speed Training = neural adaptation
>Slow-Mo, or “grinding “movements= develop efficient movement patterns and muscle fibre recruitment
1) Resisted (straw)
2) Restricted (1 Breath : 2 squats) -> gives you the benefits of resisted and hypoxic
3) Hypoxic (altitude)
Possible Adaptations
– Improves O2 uptake – strengthens immune system – increase antioxidant-enzyme activity in the brain & organs – increased red blood cell production and thus higher O2 carrying capacity in the blood
Free diver training
– CO2 and O2 adaptation tables (programs)
CO2 = hold 1 min / decrease amount of time recovery breathing
O2 = breathing recovery stays same / increase the time holding air in lungs
*Momentary Muscular Failure*
– Training to failure Increases cardio – This proves that ‘cardiovascular training’ is not modally dependent!

Resistance increases endurance because of increase cardiac output in enhanced by forceful muscle contractions

Resistance = Endurance because lactic acid gets cleared (your cardiovascular ability is what clears LA)

Resistance = Endurance b/c of better muscle utilization (increased kinesthesia)

a) 1/week very slow motion training
b) Isometric routine 1-4 x a month -> hold for 2 mins each of these positions:
i. Push up
ii. Pull up
iii. Lunge
iv. Squat
v. Hamstring
For Trainers:
“The goal of weight training is not to increase the signals to the fibres, but rather to train the body to be able to recruit multiple motor units, whether or not those units comprised of slow or fast twitch muscles”
>Isometrics ‘potentiate’ up to 20% more force when done just prior to an exercise
>Inhibitory reflex / stretch-shortening cycle (i.e. plyometrics)
Music @180bpm – best for recovery and performance enhancement
– Detox and strengthen immune system – Help regain muscle strength and bone density – Reduce recovery time – Healthier brain function
5 essential elements of an endurance-training program that most athletes neglect
1) Strength
2) Power
3) Speed
4) Mobility
5) Balance
Peak and Taper your strength programs with speed work
– Speed work @ 40-60% 3s x 4-6reps with full recovery + mobility
  • No hard breathing or burning
Recovery and repair = .55 grams/ per pound of bodyweight
Muscle building = .68 grams/bw
– Once @ 1000 calories from protein, body can no longer convert into amino acids!
@ Joints via Traction – with stretch bands
Stretching activates parasympathetic nervous system
*Metabolic Mobility Workout*
– Super set: (a)exercise that gets your heart rate up // with (b)foam rolling
Definition of Balance:
“the ability to maintain a line of gravity within a base of support with minimal postural sway or collapse”
– Vestibular // somatosensory (kinaesthesia) // visual system
Grease your Balance Grove, and have fun doing it!’ – conscious interaction with the environment + choosing to literally take the path less traveled
(GTG) Grease the Groove + “Ancestral Athlete “+ HIIT + Strength + Stamina
= ‘FIT’


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