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Training Tips – Grip and Abs



Pavel Tsatsouline has said many time; when in doubt, train your grip and your abs




TIP: Do Hanging Leg Raises (HLR)

  • slowly and with no pelvic motion
  • with as much tension as possible for 1-5 reps
  • done at a variation that works for you


Fine Tuning Tip # 1

Find the correct Single Leg HLR variation for YOU : bent knee, straight leg or cyclic.

“Bent knee”


“Straight leg”



– Bent knee raise on the way up – hold – try to extend the leg fully – hold – slowly lower straight leg.

  • Get really good at YOUR variation for 5 reps FIRST, before trying the double leg variation




Fine Tuning Tip # 2

USE A BAND on the down leg; attached so that you have to drive your foot to the wall behind you, as you raise the other.

  • the added glute activation will help keep the hip/spine neutral.




Fine Tuning Tip # 3

  • Warm up your Grip (see below)

Power Grip Warm Up:

Find some Captains of Crush and use a tension you can grip at least once.


Complete single repetitions of the Crusher in 3 or 4 different positions, 3 or 4 times:

  • suitcase / by hips


  • imitation a rack position / by shoulder


  • overhead


  • incorporate postures found in upcoming workout

If you are unable to produce FULL grip force in ANY ONE posture that means the position you are in is not ideal.

Think of your nervous system as a hose, if your posture if off, the hose gets kinked and not as much water (neural drive) can get through the hose.

This means you will not be able to produce MAXIMAL force.

It also means that with this type of warm up you can test to see if your posture/positions are good in any exercise.

Make sure you breathe as you crush/hold, and don not hold the contraction for more than 10 seconds at a time.



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