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Training Principle You Have To Live By

This is the last post of this series for now.

This post will include two topics – first a physiological reflex called the stretch-shortening cycle – and second, a tip on how to improve your training gains.

  1. Stretch-shortening Cycle : This describes how Plyometrics work – as your muscles stretch they act as an elastic band, the ‘snap’ back to the starting position depends on how much the initial stretch is.

    – Swings take advantage of this phenomena, another reason to do them everyday if you can.
  2. Pre-Loading : This means engaging your muscles just prior to your exercise. This is more or less P.A.P in action. You can even pre-load your muscles hours in advance of your workout, which will improve performance and gains.

    – Pre-loading will maximize gains. Learning certain Tension Techniques will take this to the next level.

The application of these principles into your training can be difficult. Basically you want to prime your muscles and use their full range of motion. Tension must be sustained throughout the movement when practicing these principles for strength and safety reasons.