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Training Principle You Have To Live By: PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD

Progressive Overload describes how to effectively train the human body.

The body / nervous system work best and learn best when the intensity of a stimulus is gradually increased. The key term here is ‘best’ – you will still experience adaptation if you don’t progressively increase intensity (or load) of an exercise – but the adaptations won’t last as long nor be as abundant.

How to apply P.O. into your training is very simple: start with an easier exercise / light load / low volume – and increase it every set or session depending on your individual recovery time.

from wiki:

The loss of 10 pounds of muscle per decade is one consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. The adaptive processes of the human body will only respond if continually called upon to exert greater force to meet higher physiological demands.

To me this means that Training is something we have to do for our entire life… Remember the phrase : “If you don’t use it, you loose it.” – well it’s true…

Following this principle is following the natural processes of the human body.

Following this principle will reduce the chances of injury while maximizing results.

Following this principle will make training feel easier! -> This will be further explained in the next post 🙂

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