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Training – Methods vs. Applications

This was previously a Facebook Post on my business Page,

attached to this post was the article by Eric Cressey that turned me onto this subject. Something worthy of note near the end of his post, Cressey urges the reader to improve their ability to think critically; to think of the purpose or reason for doing certain moves / training in a certain way. As a trainer you want to be a carpenter, not a lumberjack….

In quotations below is the original FB post:

“Here is what is on my mind:
>Training Methods vs. Applications<

Kettlbells/hardstyle, Polwerlifting/westside barbell, Crossift, HIIT – These are all Methods of training.

Mobility, Strength, endurance – walking with groceries, lifting a couch, keeping up with your kids…
These are the reasons you train.

It only makes sense that the Application of whatever method you chose SHOULD line up with your reasons for training.

We have said this before but it is worth repeating : It is not the weight that matters, but how you do the movement!

When we deadlift, we deadlift to get strong – not just to deadlift – we are practicing the motion of picking something off the ground safely. – Some methodologies ignore this completely.

The LatsOn methodology Involves Education, Concentration and Commitment. (I would like to add a 4th point: Community)
– we teach the methodologies with the best track record (kettlebells, Powerlifting)
– we keep up to date on neuroscience, biomechanics and exercise science and thoughtfully incorporate the updates in these fields into our programming

Education- refers to learning how to move properly.
Concentration- refers to the ability to create and apply tension.
Commitment- refers to dedicating yourself to 2-5 training sessions a week for … well … forever!”

LatsOn Training is a Strength and Conditioning gym that I own with Tyler Lees-schmut.

While sticking to an overarching theme of FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT, LatsOn provides quality instruction in KETTLEBELL SKILLS and POWERLIFTING. The combination of these two methodologies is the most efficient way to get strong and stay mobile.

The fundamentals one learns from each of these methodologies can be applied to most human movement and sport.

It is no wonder we have a Kettlebells Skills Class / a Powerlifting Class (known as powerfuliftington around here) AND a Strength and Conditioning Class that expertly combines the two methodologies, corrective movements and body weight exercises.

Strength is Mandatory

believe it or not, you build cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance when you train for strength. Not only that, the stronger you are the easier you will be able to improve your conditioning later. The key is proper programming.

Here are some examples of the range of class members:

  • 70 year old female who can double clean and press 12kgs x5+reps. Oh, and she runs marathons.
  • female office worker who Deadlifted 300lbs at the Tactical Strength Challenge in April of 2016 and can manage 60-70 snatches with the 12kg in 5 mins, no problem. She also enjoys racing, swimming, fencing and (I am sure) long walks on the beach.
  • Handyman/construction worker and Uber driver who fills the bar with all our plates whenever he Squat or Deadlifts.
  • Husband + Wife and 2 of their 4 kids, all with unique movement abilities, all of which are manageable in our Class setting.

The key to being able to managing such a spectrum of movement profiles – As I said, is proper programming.

But all the programming in the world is meaningless –

– with out proper APPLICATION

that is, proper application of;

  • the program
  • exercise technique
  • cueing and instructing
  • progressions and regressions **
  • etc….

This is what we do BEST

The idea is to use your workout as an opportunity to practice good movement habits, so that when you need to move out side the gym, you can!

Therefore it is the application or purpose for training that really matters.

The Methodology you use is important in so far as it has to work with your current life/physical situation.

Traing that fits your current life/physical situation can be considered Functional.

Therefore in a nutshell, the multiform methodology We use can be called Functional Training for Life!



The point of this article is to make you think about your current exercise regime,

or maybe to think of starting one.

And if you need help,

give someone who thinks about these kind of things a call 😉


Here is the Eric Cressey Article :

Strength and Conditioning Programs: Methods vs. Applications