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Training Considerations: REST, SET TYPE and MENTAL MANAGEMENT.

Hello My Friends!


This Post is about REST!

and how to get make your workouts more efficient by considering these 3 simple ideas:

  • Rest
  • Set Type
  • Mental Management



what is the ideal rest period anyway?

well – that depends on the type of load you place on your body relative to your physical capacity.

A gentleman named Seluyanov has a lot to say on this subject, however I could not find much info about him.

I do know that Seluyanov believed  in an ideal work : rest ratio of 1 : 4-6!!

That means if your set is 40 seconds in duration – your rest should be no LESS than 160 seconds

(If you want to find out more about Seluyanov check out this article from


the SECOND consideration to ‘efficientize’ your workout is:

what TYPE of SET are you doing?

Bellow there are a few ways of thinking about SET TYPES and the ideal rest associated with them


PRIMING sets – up to 1 min rest

  • these are your warm up sets

POST PRIMING sets – 2-3 min rest

  • sub maximal set that finishes well before exhaustion
  • sub maximal set =  50-70% 1rm with a work duration of 1-5 minutes in length

EXHAUSTION sets – 5-7 min rest

  • near maximal set that finishes with close to complete exhaustion
  • near maximal set = 70-90% 1rm with a work duration of 20-50 seconds in total

MAX ATTEMPT sets – 10-20mins

  • exhaustion set with maximum weight for maximum repetitions
  • max power set = 90-100% 1rm with a work duration of about 20 seconds



FINAL CONSIDERATIONS for a more efficient workout:


Here is a quick outline of how to use the power of your mind to control the pace of your workouts, and to make them much MUCH more efficient

(1) PRE-EFFORT psyche up. (2) POST-EFFORT simmer down. (3) walk-breathe-visualize (4) REPEAT

1) right before you do a movement, focus on how a perfect rep should feel, take some deep breathes, get your mind and body ‘set’, then go! Now is the time to elevate your emotional involvement.

2) you never see a sprinter stop right at the finish line : after you ‘lift’ move around, shake out, repay the oxygen dept your body goes into whenever you strain. Remember to let go of the previous set and move on to the next one, a little effort is spent on analysis of the previous movement but most of this is the time should be focused on recovery.

3) this is the most mentally active part; you should just breathe and visualize the movement you are going to do next. When that get easy try matching each breath with a step – as you visualize the next movement.

4) REPEAT the psyche up stage


  • All this might take a while – but if you listen to what is written above you will notice that you actually have plenty pf time to try this out



Well I hope you learned something and maybe even enjoyed doing it

I know I enjoyed doing this!


All the best my friends,

your friendly neighborhood trainer 🙂