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Training, Breathing, Positioning and Sweating

Hello Friends,


Tips, Cues and a Program


TIPS # 1

  • Heavy eccentric quad training  / super set / heavy posterior chain
    Ex. Pistol /ss/ Good morning

    • Try this out and let me know how it feels in the comments below

TIPS # 2

“Count the first Rep”

  • It doesn’t matter what you are doing: heavy or light, corrective or strength or mobility – how your first rep looks/feels will tell you a lot about your technique and nervous system readiness
  • Put as much effort into the first reps as you do the last reps : teach your nervous system to always be strong
  • Add this to your morning ritual = “First 10 Breathes” = Center yourself and prepare for the day ahead with a clear mind


STOLEN from Martina Kerr: Clock Analogy

– you are standing in the center of a clock, facing the 3.
Squat – pull hips to 6-o’clock
Deadlift – push hips to 9-o’clock
Swing – drive hips to 8-o’clock


RENT-a-bell: Gillian’s program

1) 30sec high intensity
2) 30sec timed breathing / 30sec fast and loose
3) light assistance exercise (120sec at most = correctives, Abs, balance …)
4) 120sec rest
repeat 3-5 sets

My Good Friend had lots of success with this program last summer

We progressed from Hard Style/Max planks to swinging a 28kg over the course of 2/3 months

Assistance exercises included Leg lifts, Lunges, crawls etc

When done right this program delivers lasting strength gains, as well as correct faulty breathing and movements patterns

NOT TO MENTION it will burn a TON of calories.

All the best my friends

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