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The Personal Trainers Burden

I have always respected front line works and medical professionals, and even more so during these pandemic days.

The amount of information a medical student has to learn is incredible. No matter how packed their curriculum is there is always some information that has to be left out. The current medical curriculum is focused heavy on prescription of medications. This is not a bad thing, we need these smart specialized people in the medical field who can tell us normal people exactly what, when and how much of a drug one should take.

that being said, there is a LACK of EDUCATION in the medical curriculum when it comes to the benefits of exercise and the value of nutrition in treating health issues.

This statement is not meant to detract value from our health and medical system – but to identify the current state of affairs as it is, and not how we think or want it to be.

Our doctors and frontline workers have A LOT on their plate. They are working- HARD. They are doing their utmost in this pandemic and I am sure they all have good intentions in their hearts.

Personally I would like to help them.

Seeing as though I am NOT in the medical field, the only way I see myself able to help is to ‘lighten their load’ : by improving the health of their patients. aka YOU.

  • Personal Trainers and Coaches need to clean up their act – and pick up their game when it comes to using Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle choices as means to health. The doctors have been doing their job – We have not. Over the past few decades popular health and fitness trends have swung all over the place. Often the advice we give to our athletes turns our to be detrimental to their overall health.
  • Personal Trainers often ‘misdiagnose’ which exercise is appropriate for an individual, or how much exercise is actually needed. Rarely are goals taken into consideration, which is mind-boggling to me. All training should be directed towards clearly defined goals. The most basic of those goals is General Health and Fitness.
  • Personal Trainers need to be able to PRESCRIBE a specific exercise frequency and intensity – much like a doctor would prescribe a specific amount of a certain drug to be taken at specific times and for a specific duration of time.


Achieving a MED of Movement will be different for everyone- and will depend on your schedule, what exercise equipment you have and your goals.

Exercise MEDs are ‘the prescription’ for maintaining a baseline of health and fitness.

This is a good place for all of us to start if we want to help lighten the burden on the healthcare system.

By taking care of ourselves and educating those stuck on the Trend-train of fad diets and exercises – we will be helping alleviate the burden on the healthcare system.