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The Movement Spectrum

Thinking of Movement as a spectrum will allow you to better understand how to improve performance.

All human movement can be broken down into a few specific “Movement Patterns.”

The thing about these patterns is that everyone can do them, it is just that some people are better at doing them than others.

If you are good at doing squats, then you might try jump-squats : if you are bad at squats, you can practice glue bridges and easier exercises that imitate the movement of the squat. In this way a good coach should be able to provide individualized exercise selection for each person.

Once you start to see movement as a spectrum, you start to notice that each movement pattern has its own role to play with all the others and in the greater ability of human movement in general.

Focusing your training on specific movement patterns and specialized variations of them will keep you balanced, mobile and strong.

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Have fun thinking about which movements belong were on the spectrum!