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Toxic Fertilizer, Poison Fillings, and Shady Retail Practices

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This post might scare you a little….

The Good News is that next week I will post some practical solutions / steps you can take to avoid all these health dangers – Until Then!


Toxic Elements in ‘Fertilizers’

“The greatest concern with concentrated livestock operations is not only the low-quality food that is produced by raising livestock animals under stressed condition to maximize space while providing inadequate nutritional inputs and unnatural dietary choices, but also, the biomagnification of toxins.”

– Mike Adams :Health Ranger. *‘Food Forensics: the hidden toxins lurking in your food and how you can avoid them for lifelong health’. 2016. BenBella, Books Inc.


Mystery Meat / Nutritional Roulette

150% more marketable meat is harvested PER COW than was in 1975…. HOW!?!

  • Feeding practices are regulated very little! -> Mass-marketed foods in general tend to have questionable practices.
  • Feeding animals unnatural diets creates nutritional imbalances in them – and therefore there will be nutritional deficiencies in those who eat them.
  • Grains, Corn (and even candy!) have been used as feed – which is NOT properly digested; lowers pH levels – causing acidosis; which must be treated by antibiotics!
    • This mean that Factory Farming creates the very conditions which require the use of thousands of dollars antibiotics and pharmaceuticals *(increasing the likelihood of antibacterial resistant superbugs).



  • Cattle, Poultry and Swine (etc) waste; contains traces of ALL heavy metals which end up in ‘Bio’-fertilizers.


  • B/C the Feed that is used is high in:
    • heavy metals,
    • pesticides,
    • antibiotics,
    • Pharmaceutical compounds, artificial hormones, bacteria

> All these Toxins ‘Bioaccumulate’ in the plants grown from toxic soils,

> They get transferred to the animals that eat these plants,

> and finally they arrive in humans – who eat both the toxic plants and toxic animals:

  • Higher levels of toxins in those higher up in the food chain ->
  • Those higher on the food chain have the higher concentration of toxins (especially in their waste).
  • This waste then ironically gets used as fertilizer for crops and feed for animals.


Sewage ‘Sludge is OK fertilizer

  • says EPA, USCC, WEF (‘Biosolids’)

[Banded in 1992 after decades of use – still practiced in places like China]

“Long standing policy encourages the beneficial reuse and recycling of industrial wastes, including hazardous wastes, when such wastes can be used as safe and effective substitutes for virgin raw materials.” 1997.

*U.S. Environment Protection Agency. U.S. Environment fact sheet: waste-derived fertilizers. Solid waste and emergency response. EPA530-F-97-053. Dec 1997,


Dillo Dirt(2016)

Company from Austin Texas: Composed of human waste.

  • A ‘Biosolid’ on the retail shelves now that is NOT for eatable vegetable gardens (in fine print) : but sold on same shelf as common garden compost.
    • Contains ALL heavy metal toxins
    • As well as Fungicides

= Shady Retail Practices…


Mercury Dental Amalgams

1/3rd of mercury found in sewage sludge substrate is from mercury Amalgams and filling related implements.

*World Health Organization. Mercury in health care. Water sanitation and health. Department of Protection of the Human Environment Policy. August 2005.



Dentistry – How your teeth are poisoning you

  • 90% have received filling
  • 8 cavities per person on average
  • World Health Organization has concluded that amalgam filling contributes to the vast majority of mercury accumulation in the human body
  • Chewing gum, brushing and fluoride use all increase mercury corrosion rates
  • Studies have shown that mental function improves just 10 months after removing mercury amalgams
  • Mercury finds its way into breast milk: the amount of which directly relates to the number of fillings the woman has.

Yet the American Dental Association insists that mercury-containing dental amalgams are a “safe, affordable, and durable material”

(Learn more*)



Impossible to Grow Organic in China


  • World’s largest exporter
  • World’s largest carbon pollution emitter
  • In 2013 – 3.3 million hectares of land considered too polluted to grow crops
  • 90% of groundwater is polluted
  • ½ of exported rice contains high levels of cadmium
  • In 2009: 78% of the tilapia, 70% of the apple juice in the U.S. was imported from china
  • Along with environmental pollution issues there are:
    • Lax safety laws
    • Inability to enforce standards
    • Unsafe food additives and labeling
    • Drug residue
  • YET only 2%of imported food from China gets tested!

*Even foods labeled ‘Organic’ (if from China) WILL contain traces of toxins due to these conditions and practices.

The Take Away – Be aware of where your food is grown, and educate yourself as to where the most polluted places on earth are (then try to avoid products from there when making purchasing decisions – aka – support local small business!)



I hope this is informative,

and that it will assist you on your path to a healthier YOU.