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Every Day Movement


you practice movements that your body will default to when you have to use similar movements in your daily life.

However – you should not categorize ‘exercise’ as something to only to be done in the gym.

Here is why – Evolution: In order to eat, ancient humans had to move. There were certain things they had to do every single day in order to survive: walk, climb, sprint, hide, hunt …. using a whole in the ground as a toilet… All of these activities require mobility & motility.

The Modern World has turned this evolutionary structure on its head, and serious health issues have arisen because of it.

We need a ‘return to nature’ of sorts, to bring us back into balance.

… Return to natural movement … to functional movement !?!

(great segue, I know )

SO, what should I be focusing on when it comes to exercise and functional movement?This first point is also a highly overlooked aspect of coaching:

  • How are you BREATHING, are you maintaining POSTURE / technique and what are your EYES doing. If you involve all 3 of these things into your movement practice then you will be in BALANCE.

Second point:

  • you need to balance out your pushing and your pulling. Train the Lower body and the Upper Body with these pushing and pulling movements
    • The lower body should be trained more than the Upper body
    • Pulling movements should be trained more than Pushing movements

Getting Strong and Mobile is actually quite straight forward once you figure out certain rules and start to follow them. (more on this in a later post)

However it gets tricky when you start to talk about “Asymmetries and Corrective” – because of individual differences. More on this in the next post…

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Training Vs. Exercise


When you ‘Train’ you are also exercising – but when you ‘Exercise’ you are not necessarily training.

– is when you progress or shape something towards a desired outcome.
– it requires practicing a specific set of exercises, such that over time there is improvements in movement quality and strength.

– is your typical workout, which has no long-term direction.
– is doing whatever feels good and gets ‘likes’.

Which exercises should I be training?
How many ‘sets’ and ‘reps’ should I do?

….That is what the next post will be about!

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“TOXIC FERTILIZERS” – Nutritional Roulette (prt2/8)

Nutritional Roulette

Toxic Elements in ‘Fertilizers’

“The greatest concern with concentrated livestock operations is not only the low-quality food that is produced by raising livestock animals under stressed condition to maximize space while providing inadequate nutritional inputs and unnatural dietary choices, but also, the biomagnification of toxins.”

– Mike Adams. *‘Food Forensics: the hidden toxins lurking in your food and how you can avoid them for lifelong health’. 2016. BenBella Books Inc.



  • Cattle, Poultry and Swine (etc)
  • Their waste contains traces of ALL heavy metals
  • Which end up in ‘Bio’-fertilizers.


  • B/C the Feed that is used is high in
    • heavy metals,
    • pesticides,
    • antibiotics,
    • Pharmaceutical compounds, artificial hormones, bacteria etc.

> All these Toxins ‘Bioaccumulate’ in the plants grown from toxic soil, in the animals that eat these plants, and finally into the humans that eat both:

  • Higher levels of toxins in those higher up in the food chain -> whose waste thus has the highest concentration of such toxins.
  • This waste then ironically gets used as fertilizer for crops for humans and in feed for animals.

Bio-Fertilizer Examples:

Sewage ‘Sludge’ is OK fertilizer (EPA, USCC, WEF) = ‘Biosolids’

[Banded in 1992]

“Long standing policy encourages the beneficial reuse and recycling of industrial wastes, including hazardous wastes, when such wastes can be used as safe and effective substitutes for virgin raw materials.” 1997. *U.S. Environment Protection Agency. U.S. Environment fact sheet: waste-derived fertilizers. Solid waste and emergency response. EPA530-F-97-053. Dec 1997,

“Dillo Dirt” (2016) – company from Austin Texas: Composed of human waste.

  • A ‘Biosolid’
  • Not for eatable vegetable gardens (in fine print) : but sold on same shelf as common garden compost.
    • Contains ALL heavy metal toxins
    • As well as Fungicides

= Shady Retail Practices


Stay tuned for PART 3!

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