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“MERCURY AMALGAMS” – Nutritional Roulette (prt3/8)

Nutritional Roulette

*Another Little Thought of Source of a Specific Heavy Metal Toxin:

Mercury Dental Amalgams

  • 1/3rd of mercury found in sewage sludge substrate is from mercury Amalgams and filling related implements. *World Health Organization. Mercury in health care. Water sanitation and health. Department of Protection of the Human Environment Policy. August 2005.



How your teeth are poisoning you

  • 90% have received filling
  • 8 cavities per person on average
  • World Health Organization has concluded that amalgam filling contributes to the vast majority of mercury accumulation in the human body
  • Chewing gum, brushing and fluoride use all increase mercury corrosion rates
  • Studies have shown that mental function improves just 10 months after removing mercury amalgams
  • Mercury finds its way into breast milk: the amount of which directly relates to the number of fillings the woman has.

Yet the American Dental Association insists that mercury-containing dental amalgams are a “safe, affordable, and durable material”



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