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“MYSTERY MEAT” – Nutritional Roulette (prt1/8)

Nutritional Roulette


Meat Mystery


The amount of marketable meat harvested PER COW is over 150% more than it was in 1975…. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!


  • Feeding practices are regulated very little!
    • -> Mass-marketed foods tend to have questionable practices.
  • Feeding animals unnatural diets creates nutritional imbalances in the animals.
    • –> Therefore there will be nutritional deficiencies in those who eat them.
  • Grains, Corn (and even candy!) are used as feed
    • –> Grain, Sugar and some starches are NOT properly digested by these animals (i.e. not a NATURAL diet):
    • This causes a reduction in pH levels which in turn causes acidosis (a symptom that must be treated by antibiotics!)
    • Factory Farmers are themselves creating the conditions which require the use of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals…
  • This vicious cycle of poor diet and drug use opens up the evolutionary door to antibacterial resistant superbugs!



July 23, 2013. ( )

The FDA and the USDA ‘Collude to Eliminate True Organic Egg Production’


– regulations have been placed on certain organic foods, which increase time and money needed in order to meet compliance.


– Significant loopholes exist for the major factory farms/companies

– Such loopholes include exemptions from certain practices and standards that are strictly imposed on smaller farms

Check out The Cornucopia Institute’s ORGANIC EGG SCORE SHEET –


TAKE AWAY = Know thy food sources! Industry Farming standards suck, even today.

There is a revolving door between Large Food Industries and Policy makers.

Because of this ‘monopoly’ there is ZERO motivation to change.


Stay tuned for PART 2!

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