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Memory and Learning

MEMORY plays a vital role in the learning process,

Today I want to challenge you to think about how this concept applies to the way we learn how to move. 

Wrap your mind around memory

> The Storage of Memories is more or less a passive process through which we retain information in the brain, to be later ‘recalled’ or remembered .

> Information is stored in 3 different ‘Processes’: in our sensory memory (which is quite powerful)  – the short term memory – or the more permanent long term memory. 

> Each of the ‘processes’ of human memory function as a filter to protect us from overload- that is, having to identify every drop in the flood of information we encounter on a daily basis.

We have all been taught that one way to consolidate a memory after initial experience, is through repetition. 

BUT, Here’s where it get interesting…

You would think that the more we recall a memory in our mind, the more it would be clearly and deeply ingrained.

This is not true.

In reality; the more a memory is recalled, the more it becomes a watered down version of the actual experience.

That is just the way our brain works – There is virtually no way of recalling EXACTLY what happened!


What happens in the brain is (very basically) this:

> Forgetting things follows a logarithmic curve – Meaning it’s fast at first then the amount you forget slows down over time. However, the brain will prioritize  the retention of certain, important details: like names and dates etc. This ‘fragmenting’ – the processes of losing a single memory cue or small detail each time – leads to the memory as a whole dissipating or altering completely over time.

Now you know WHY we repeat things so much! = it is for your own good.


Very interesting stuff…

Before I go,

I want to just touch on what this implies for an individual learning to move. 

Not to toot our own horns, but my business partner Martin Colangelo and myself – besides just being all around awesome dudes – we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and proficient teachers (and modest too…)

As trainers it is our passion to show people how to move their bodies properly: not only do we try our best to know each of our students learning styles –  but we also show and re-show exercises : repetition, repetition, repetition… Something as important as human movement deserves attention to detail.

Some retain better than others, but the idea is that we want to make sure the exercise is as fresh as possible a person minds – every time they are moving under our watch –

In this way we reduce risks, and ensure progress. We know that life can get a bit intense sometimes, and that  forgetting happens if you like it or not.

Leave it up to us to get you ‘inline’ every time.


Hope you enjoyed this! Stay strong people!!




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