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“Whole Foods – Wholly Ignorant” – Nutritional Roulette (prt5/8)

Nutritional Roulette



Wholly ignorant!

Vegan organic protein powder;

proven to contain high amounts of lead – by Mike Adam’s Lab.


even after confronting Wholefoods about it – Wholefoods continues to sell these products.

The reason these vegan protein powders, especially brown rice protein powders, have high levels of heavy metal toxins in them =

  • Because the raw materials are from China

In July of 2014, Mike Adams published this article

Heavy metal toxins in levels up to 2000% of the limit imposed by the ‘California Proposition 65’ (1986)

Ignorance or disbelief is the issue, not malice – however Whole Foods is participating whether they like it or not, in this reality: that corporations are allowing misleading health claims on products targeted to health-conscious consumers.


Stay tuned for PART 6!

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Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Additives in our Food Part 3

The LAST of the Toxic Heavy Metals found in our food…

Tin (Sn)

(organic and inorganic compounds)


  • Shellfish*
  • Tin containers
  • Synthetic Tin production beginning in 1960ies
  • Stannous Fluoride*(II)


  • Headaches / Nausea
  • General fatigue
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Convulsions
  • Visual complications
  • Neurotoxin (when in certain organic forms *trimethyltin & *triethyltin)
  • Reduced Liver functions


  • Competes for binding sights with other Zinc – reducing its absorption rate.


  • Chelation therapy – Quercetin
    • a chemical found in fruits and veggies


*FSAI – Food Safety Authority of Ireland, fish is the number 1 tin-accumulating culprit when it comes to food. Toxicology factsheet series. 2009.

*(II) composed of Tin and Fluoride –Flouristan = trade name “to prevent cavities”: linked to osteoporosis, caused death in 1979 when child swallowed gel spread on teeth.


(unfortunately) There is MUCH More Lurking in our Food…

  • chemical
  • pesticides
  • food additives
  • chemical preservatives
  • parabens
  • emulsifiers / thickening agents



  • remain mostly unlabeled in grocery stores
  • most chemicals (created by labs) cannot be recognized by the body –and can therefore become hazardous to our health!


Bisphenol A

A = a specific type – there are about 15 others….

1891 by Edward Charles Dodd in an attempt to develop an estrogen replacement.

  • some Tin containers are layered with BPA
  • depending on the pH of the food within it -> BOTH will leach into the food
  • BPA is stored in fat tissues – which can lead to long-term imbalances
    • especially in sexual functions – due to BPA’s ‘estrogen-mimicking ability’
    • lined to prostate and breast cancers
  • exclusively in foods and beverages = minimal environmental exposure

2012 the FDA found BPA in nearly every baby ‘sippy’ cup = consumers of these goods have been exposed for DECADES!

  • Minimizing body fat is the number 1 way to keep BPA level down
  • In general AVOID plastic containers – glass steel ceramic etc = much safer

Detox via Diet

  • Veggies
  • Herbs
  • Clean animal liver
  • Fermented foods
  • B vitamins especially Folate
  • Any safe product that promotes sex drive (maca, royal jelly, black tea, beets …)



  • Petrochemical solvent
  • Developed as Jet fuel

Exposure in mice led to Polyneuropathy

  • Weakness, Blurred vision, Headaches, Numbness
  • As well as Dermatitis, confusion, jaundice and Coma in humans

USE : to extract protein from soybeans and other oils and grains

  • Soy Lecithin: uses this process
  • All grain-fed livestock in the U.S. includes corn and soybean meal that has undergone this hexane protein extraction process

The Cornucopia Institute:

“The effects on consumers of hexane residue in soy foods have not been thoroughly studied and are not regulated by the U.S.D.A.”

  • Shouldn’t the potential health risks be fully analyzed before a chemical is used in food products?
  • The Cornucopia Institute found Hexane residue in levels 10 times higher than what the FDA consider normal ….

Why? – Because of questionable practices

  • The hexane procedure involved bathing the food stuff in hexane
  • They are then mechanically separated


  • Even the EPA admits that a small quantity of hexane will remain left behind

No one is checking for hexane residue

What is ‘all natural’ about washing our food in chemicals?



5.2 billion pounds in use as of 2007

Dominated by 10 firms, her are the 6 largest

  1. Bayer
    (largest chemical producer, 7th largest seed company)
  2. Syngenta
    (2nd largest in agrochemicals, 3rd in seeds)
  3. BASF
  4. Dow AgroSciences
  5. Monsanto
    (5th agrochemical producer but 1st in seeds)
  6. DuPont
    (follows Monsanto in both categories)

Pesticides and GMO go hand in hand

  • Crops are ‘enhanced’ to withstand the specific chemical agents dumped on them

But these pesticides interfere with our endocrine system and reproduction!

  • Many pesticides purposely target neurological and nervous systems
  • Opens the door for super-resistant bugs and weeds!


  • ‘Roundup’
  • Agent Orange (used in Vietnam war)


  • Herbicide
  • 75 million pounds applied on corn, sugarcane, golf courses (etc.) per year

Organochlorines / Organophosphates

  • Insecticide
  • Not easily broken down, collects readily in fatty tissues.
  • Correlated with IQ reduction in young children


Also have a KILLER effect on Bees!

  • Not in the good way
  • 40% of hives have disappeared
  • Honey from Canada and the U.S. contain at least 6 different pesticides per sample.


Food Additives


The Delaney Clause

  • The FDA cannot approve any additives known to cause cancer in lab subjects –Whatsoever!


Michael R. Taylor (former Monsanto VP for public policy)

De Minimis’ interpretation:

  • If risk is too minor to warrant consideration, they can be approved.

NO consideration is paid to chronic dosage over a long term

  • It is now up to independent researchers to PROVE these additives are harmful
  • Isn’t this backward?


  • The most addictive neurotoxin still being sold on shelve
  • Aspartame induced serotonin inhibition causes you to eat more
  • Effects women more than men
  • Accumulates in the brain and other organs increase risk of tumors
  • 74 of 166 studies on aspartame have been funded by the aspartame industry…

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

  • Produced by fermenting starches = creates an ‘unbound free glutamate’ which is an excitatory neurotransmitter of the brain
  • Linked to brain damage, neurodegenerative disorders, reproductive and behavioral issues and cancer.
  • Interferes with hypothalamus – linked to obesity

Also contribute to MSG levels

  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Texturized protein
  • Yeast extract
  • Natural meat tenderizer
  • Soy protein isolate
  • Natural flavor
  • Gelatin
  • Etc
  • Vitamins proven to help minimize effects
    • C, E, A, D, K
    • Resveratrol
    • L-Taurine
    • Magnesium

Artificial Colors

  • Related to developmental behavioral disorder in the 1970s
  • Linked to issues in nearly every system in the body

Red No.40 = linked to tumor growth (ketchup)

Yellow No.5 = hives, eczema, asthma

Michael Jacobson (executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest)

“the continued use of these unnecessary artificial dyes is the secret shame of the food industry and the regulators who watch over it … The purpose of these chemicals is often to mask the absence of real food, to increase the appeal of a low-nutrition product to children … Who can tell the parents of kids with behavioral problems that this (using artificial dyes in food) is truly worth the risk?”


Chemical Preservatives

Cosmetic Foods

  • Chemicals can dress up ‘Frankenstein Foods’ to make them palatable, last longer and appear nutritional, fresh and delicious –when they are nothing but harmful (and often delicious)

Benzoic Acid

  • Preservative

Sodium Benzoate

  • Added to acidic foods to stave off microbial growth
  • Sunkist Orange juice, Mountain Dew, Nestea, Pepsi Max

Potassium Benzoate

  • Triggers allergic reaction and increases ADHD symptoms
  • Diet coke and diet ice tea

Calcium Benzoate

  • Similar symptoms as above
  • Low sugar products like meats, cereals



1990s – mimic female hormones and is known to disrupt the endocrine system.

2004  – Propylparaben and Methylparaben – linked to breast cancer.

Propyl Gallate

  • Popcorn, mayonnaise, chewing gum, frozen dinners
  • Inhibits and kills human endothelial calls
  • Banned in some countries – but not in the U.S.


  • Wines to stop them from spoiling
  • Dairy, fish, gelatins, puddings and jams, dried fruits.
  • Increase risk of liver disease due to oxidative damage
  • Can trigger asthma
  • Approved EVEN THOUGH it has killed people


Emulsifiers and Thickening Agents


  • Fat substitute
  • In certified Organic foods
  • Causes inflammation in many forms
  • No nutritional purpose

Soy Lecithin

  • Separation by mechanical Hexane process


  • Facilitate the transport of pathogens and reduces immune response

Carbon Monoxide

  • Can help make old foods seem fresh – even when past their prime = could be purchasing spoiled meats!

Potassium Bromate

  • Strengthens gluten used in enriched flours
  • A carcinogen that targets the kidneys and thyroid via oxidative damage

Sodium Nitrite

  • Prevent botulism and a colour fixative
  • Increase in leukemia
  • Interacts with other chemicals and causes issues throughout the body

Stop buying processed meats. Period.

Vitamin C and E, as well as Cod liver oil is proven to reduce some of the effects of these preservatives in meat when taken before they are consumed


Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Additives in our Food Part 1

Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Additives in our Food Part 2



Brought to you by:

Martin Colangelo – Blog Author

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Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Additives in our Food Part 1


The ‘Tech’s’ of heavy metal detection (Technology & Techniques)


Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry instrument

  • Unique ability to detect metals in food (with 10-20% variability)


Liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry

  • Detects pesticides, herbicides and other organic molecules


Open-block digestion cycle

4hour slow digestion method

  • For more accurate reading (10% variability)


The ‘Conspiracy’


“Pharmaceutical companies conspire to set artificially high drug prices”

  • New York Attorney – Eric Schneiderman


Neither the FDA nor the USDA has any official, universal limit on heavy metals in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements sold to U.S. consumers.

  • Including certified Organic foods


  • The USDA and FDA have a “revolving-door history” with industries such as Monsanto and Dupont

= No real incentive to disclose what is actually in food


Flint Michigan


 [Mike Adams] – Health Ranger – (and others) is doing a better job policing the U.S. Food supply than the entire federal government!



[Organic and Inorganic forms (defined by their bonds with Hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur or chloride etc]


  • Seafood*
  • Drinking water*(II)
  • Apple juice*(III)
  • Rice*(IV)
  • Chicken *(V)
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Pesticides
  • Burning Coal


  • Carcinogenic
  • Lymphatic problems
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Neurological development


  • Arsenic (and other heavy metals) compete with essential nutrient (phosphorus etc)
  • Heavy metals are very similar in their molecular structure (share the same number of electrons) to organic molecules.
  • Compete or binding sites within the body
  • Slows down natural detoxification processes – reduced immune function
  • Alters ability to use pyruvate properly – higher levels of lactic acid / blood pH


  • No 100% cure-all
  • Chelating agents: BAL, DMSA, DMPS
  • Selenium
  • Garlic
  • Powdered fruit seeds
  • Sodium alginate
  • Dehydrated powders of certain seaweeds

* Most arsenic binds to eliminating agents during digestions – once in the blood stream and gets into cell tissue it is much harder to remove (chelating agents required)

Metals Defense – Arsenic reduction by 92.9%:


*”biological half-life of (organic) ingested fish arsenic in humans is estimated to be less that 20 hours, with total urinary clearance in approximately 48 huors” U.S. Centrer for Disease Control and Prevention.

*(II) Affecting more than 137 million ppl worldwide – 57 million of which are at peak contamination rates (50ppb)

*(III) Lead Arsenate (pesticide) was used on many crops, including apples in the past – the metal now remains in the soil to be absorbed by new generations of apples / other crops.

*(IV) Especially BROWN rice! +most ‘vegan health’ products marketed as good for you.

*(V) levels 3-4 times higher than other meats. U.S. Food and Drug Administration found inorganic Arsenic concentrations to be four times higher in ‘conventional’ chicken when compared to organic chicken.

+ Chickens have been found to convert organic Arsenic into its inorganic form. <Markis KC, Salazar> Controlling the fate of roxarsone and inorganic arsenic in poultry. Journal of environmental quality. 2008.



Mercury (Hg)

[Organic, Inorganic and elemental forms]


  • Lightbulbs*
  • Vaccines*(II)
  • Burning coal*(III)
  • Dental Fillings*(IV)
  • Seafood*(V)
  • Volcanic activity
  • Industrial production
  • Ancient antiseptics and cosmetics
  • Workplace hazards
  • Thermometers
  • Batteries
  • Pesticides
  • Wildfires / burnt waste disposal
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup


  • Neurological damage (even in small quantities)
  • Mood swings
  • Nervousness
  • Headaches
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Insomnia
  • death



  • Easiest of all metals to eliminate (eat your way to detoxification)
  • Seaweed has high efficiency @ capturing free mercury
  • Dulse (seaweed)
  • Strawberries
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Chlorella
  • Activated charcoal
  • Sulfur
  • Selenium (chia, brazil nut, sunflower)
  • Garlic
  • Chelating compounds


*even energy-saving CFL fluorescent light bulbs – despite its “green” marketing – they are quite hazardous. Their curly shape actually putting them as higher risk of leaking UV-radiation.

*(II) Flu shots contain 50,000ppb of Mercury – 25000 x higher than the max limit allowed by the EPA in drinking water

– Thimerosal has about 50mg/L of mercury which exceeds the 0.2mg/L recognized as toxic

*(III)33 million tons of mercury pollutants emitted for power plants in the U.S.

*(IV) 1/3rd of mercury found in sewage sludge substrate is from mercury Amalgams and filling related implements.

– Fluoride has proven to increase mercury filling corrosion rates. (journal of dental research)

– Cell phone radiation proven to increase corrosion rates

– Cremation releases most of the mercury in our bodies

*(V) Mg in common fish sources:

really HIGH = mackerel, marlin, tile fish = AVOID

HIGH = Bluefish, grouper, sea bass, tuna (albacore, yellowfin) =  <eat only 2-3/month>

MODERATE = Bass, carp, cod, croaker, halibut, lobster, mahi mahi, snapper, tuna (chunked light, skipjack) = <under 6 a month>

LOW = Anchovies, butterfish, clam, crab, croaker, flounder, hake, herring, mullet, oyster, Pollock, salmon, sardine, scallop, shrimp, sole, tilapia, trout =




Lead (Pb)







Cadmium (Cd)









Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Additives in our Food Part 2


Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Additives in our Food Part 3




Martin Colangelo – Blog Author

& Owner / Instructor