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Carbs and Fat for Training

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we will delve a little bit into how our body uses carbohydrates and fat as substrates (fuel) for training.

All athletes needs to provide their muscle with enough of these substrates to fuel their training.

Whether that’s an everyday individual wanting to become stronger – or an athlete with very specific needs and goals.


There has been research since around the early 90’s stating that you can observe specific carb intake based on a ‘per kilogram of body weight ratio'< very similar to how protein is consumed>


This method is deemed to be antiquated.

It is now understood that in order to meet the carbohydrate needs of an athlete with more accuracy, it is better to gauge:

  • the individuals total energy needs,
  • the specific training needs,
  • performance and recovery feedback from the athlete

Another major thing to consider is –

You must consider what type of carbs you are consuming.

It is best to select the most nutrient rich carbs such as fruits and colourful veggies.

> This may all sound like it is catered to an athlete that is training for a specific sport, but as mentioned before,

We are all athletes of sorts – so we should all try to maximize the benefits we get from nutrition.

Choosing carbohydrates that are of a mid to low on the GI Index are the best ones,

and when paired with good protein sources, act much more efficiently in the GI Tract.

Here is a list of foods on the GI Index



  • Good fats will help you at a cellular level – directly related to how well your mitochondria work.
  • Good fats will help with recovery and reduce muscle soreness.
  • As well as boost mood and energy levels.


Although consuming healthy fats is most definitely a positive thing for overall health, there is no direct evidence that dietary fats improving training performance.

  • Fats improve the peripheral systems that support performance – more than they improve performance directly.


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