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Every Day Movement


you practice movements that your body will default to when you have to use similar movements in your daily life.

However – you should not categorize ‘exercise’ as something to only to be done in the gym.

Here is why – Evolution: In order to eat, ancient humans had to move. There were certain things they had to do every single day in order to survive: walk, climb, sprint, hide, hunt …. using a whole in the ground as a toilet… All of these activities require mobility & motility.

The Modern World has turned this evolutionary structure on its head, and serious health issues have arisen because of it.

We need a ‘return to nature’ of sorts, to bring us back into balance.

… Return to natural movement … to functional movement !?!

(great segue, I know )

SO, what should I be focusing on when it comes to exercise and functional movement?This first point is also a highly overlooked aspect of coaching:

  • How are you BREATHING, are you maintaining POSTURE / technique and what are your EYES doing. If you involve all 3 of these things into your movement practice then you will be in BALANCE.

Second point:

  • you need to balance out your pushing and your pulling. Train the Lower body and the Upper Body with these pushing and pulling movements
    • The lower body should be trained more than the Upper body
    • Pulling movements should be trained more than Pushing movements

Getting Strong and Mobile is actually quite straight forward once you figure out certain rules and start to follow them. (more on this in a later post)

However it gets tricky when you start to talk about “Asymmetries and Corrective” – because of individual differences. More on this in the next post…

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Training Vs. Exercise


When you ‘Train’ you are also exercising – but when you ‘Exercise’ you are not necessarily training.

– is when you progress or shape something towards a desired outcome.
– it requires practicing a specific set of exercises, such that over time there is improvements in movement quality and strength.

– is your typical workout, which has no long-term direction.
– is doing whatever feels good and gets ‘likes’.

Which exercises should I be training?
How many ‘sets’ and ‘reps’ should I do?

….That is what the next post will be about!

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TSC – Tactical Strength Challenge

ON OCTOBER 28, 2017….

Will Host The:


  1. What is it?
  2. How do I prepare?
  3. How do I register?


1) What is it?

The TSC is a WORLD WIDE event,
Held at various local facilities,
Hosted by Certified STRONGFIRST instructors.

“The Tactical Strength Challenge began in 2002 when StrongFirst’s founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline, created it to help military and law enforcement personnel with their preparation for the physical demands of their duty. But what made the TSC so popular is that it brings out the perfect blend of strength and conditioning for all individuals—regardless of background, profession, gender, or size.”

– There Are Three Events –

1 > MAX Deadlift <

2 > MAX REP/TIME Pullup / Hang <

3 > as many SNATCHES as possible in 5 MINUTES <


*Results are Posted and Ranked Internationally*


Want to test your mettle in a safe and encouraging environment?



2) How should I prepare?

There are many workouts and protocols out there that claim to make you bigger, stronger, etc…

But what is little focused on however, is how to peak performance.

The human body needs time to recover after intense training – often much more time than one thinks.

And since doing nothing is NOT an option –

– you must continue your technique practice and monitor your energy levels closely for a few days prior to competition day.

Testing yourself on near-maximal attempts should be done only if necessary, and should be done well in advance of competition day (8-12 weeks).

Here is what LatsOn Training is offering as a Preparation Program:

*TSC-Prep Program (1 month preview)

**Stay tuned to our FaceBook Page to see WEEKLY programming updates



for those who want to train with like minded people

and receive positive feed back on their technique.

$25 a session for non-members

contact us to check class times:

163 Sterling avenue

Unit 143, Toronto, On

M6P 0A1

647 300 0141



3) How do I register?


Register HERE –  if you sign up before August 15th and you will receive a FREE TSC T-shirt!

*nota bene:



That’s all for now,

Stay Strong