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Every Day Movement

One of the best movements to practice every day is transferring from a squat into a plank.

This movement involves:

>>> Squat
>>> Upper body Crawl
>>> Plank / & or / Push Up
>>> Reverse movement – stay low – squat back up to standing & repeat.

This movement takes a bit more effort to perform, but your rate of perceived exertion should not exceed 6 / 10.

Including this movement into your routine will do wonders for maintaining your hip, knee and ankle health / mobility – as well as strengthening and coordinating the shoulders and core.

If you lack the necessary mobility to perform this movement that means this is not the place for you to start. Consider ‘Glute-Bridges’ & ‘Pullovers’ combined with squat practice. Or maybe you have body composition issues OR maybe you lack core strength – each has an appropriate training protocol to strengthen your weakness. Unless you use the help of a movement coach, you will have to figure out what training protocol is best for you.

Let me know how it goes.

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Every Day Movement

Downward Dog to Cobra

One of the best movements to practice every day is transferring from Downward Dog into Cobra and back.

It Involves:

  • Hip flexion & extension
  • Shoulder flexion & extension
  • Spinal flexion & extension
  • Trunk (core, lats, glutes) engagement
  • Inhale with Cobra
  • Exhale with Downward Dog

Performance of this movement should be a 2 / 10 in effort – so that it is easy to match your movement with your breathing.

Doing this every day will go a long way in keeping your shoulders, hips and spine health, mobile and strong! However you should switch up your exercises every couple weeks to continue receiving benefits for your workouts.

Stay Strong.