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As some of you already know, crawling is one of the eight fundamental human movement patterns

We learn it at an early age,

BUT with our modern environment most of us forget how to do it as we age.

Rather than looking at crawling as a fad lets re introduce it into our daily movement routine!

> so that it can become a primal movement pattern for us adults again <


  1) It engages many groups of muscle:

– calves, quads, glutes, shoulder girdle muscles, deep abdominal and muscles in your pelvic girdle and feet (basically your whole body!!)
– it has more application to real life as there is movement involved

a traditional plank, although a very good exercise to generate tension and improve stability, has no movement – whereas crawling will engage the same stabilizers as the plank with the added benefit of improving dynamic stability.


2) Gravity is applied horizontally through our spine

as opposed to vertically when we stand or walk.
– crawling is a very beneficial way to vary training, as you are forced to engage the stabilizers of our bodies in a very different way ->due to gravity acting on us differently.


 3) You can crawl anywhere!!

For those days when you don’t make it to the gym or are maybe away on vacation, crawling drills can be a great way to maintain your hard gym work! Here’s a quick list of types of crawls we can do all with our own body weight:

A) Bear crawl
B) Crab crawl
C) Lizard crawl
D) Spider crawl
E) Inch worm
F) Baby crawl

They are fantastic to be used in a movement prep, remedial or corrective strategy
and even a cool down! So versatile!

Enjoy peeps!


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