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 Tyler here,

Before resuming our train of thought on nutrition (our discussion from last time ended with the role of carbohydrates and fats in training),

I want to delve once more into the physiological aspect (because I love it) of training, and speak briefly about the concept of:


The gorgeous thing about this concept is that it can transcend both the body building and strength training worlds.

Basically we take the more sensible approach of programming the multi joint / more complex movements first; with the smaller movements second. And then we flip it on its head.

Let’s first make sure a couple things are hashed out.

First, we must assume the coach prescribing this type of training to a client knows what’s going on – and isn’t just doing it for fun.

and, Second – that must be a good baseline of strength and quality movement in place first. 


Essentially what a Pre Exhaustion Set is – is when you first perform a single joint exercise to pre exhaust some of the smaller, ‘synergistic muscles’ (which would be the prime movers in this case) and then immediately superset with a more complex multi joint movement that utilizes these synergistic muscles (but no longer as prime movers). 

What you achieve out of this can be a couple different major adaptations.

For a bodybuilder (not my clientele but they are out there) it can be a beautiful reverse pyramid systemic approach to increasing the cross sectional area of a muscle, while maintaining overall strength too.

For the people interested in strength and movement, what happens here is that by pre exhausting the smaller groups, we nullify any chance of recruiting them too much in the larger movement (remember they are helpers not doers). If they are pre exhausted, ones central nervous system has no choice but to utilize the larger multi joint muscle groups.


>Shoulder raises or Strict Presses (until failure)

super set with

>Push Presses

= Really efficient Push Presses!

Just remember this is an approach to training that NEEDS to have a solid baseline in strength and quality motor patterning. 

Consider implementing this technique into your training.

Enjoy, and stay strong people!!


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