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Strength & Conditioning & Ethics

The gym is the perfect setting to think about one’s actions, and then work on improving them.

Health Body – Healthy Mind

A “Philosopher-Coach” can improve the physical culture as well as the cognitive culture of their athletes.

Which will yields improvements in emotional as well as physical intelligence:

“There are ‘proper’ ways to lift – just as there are ‘proper’ ways to live” – Both can be taught and practiced in the gym

 Physical Activity

Is associated with Higher GPAs and therefore a greater chance of getting into university.

Improves interpersonal skills and bolsters Leadership skills

In General Physical Activity & Sport Improves Mental Health

…. Until it doesn’t.

  • Too many current day examples of athletes, coaches, therapists or those in a position of power, abusing that power and overstepping boundaries, even committing assault.
  • This does NOT help the mental health of anyone. 
  • It is this type of culture that needs to be changed.

An ethically-minded coach can affect positive changes to our athletic cultures.

The youth represent our future and deserve to be invested in properly.

The best place to invest and initiate this change is in schools.

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> Tyler Lees-Schmut (Author)


LET THERE BE two athletes –

of the same sport and same task.

One athlete may be able to repeat this task again and again without issue.

The other may be unable to complete this task even once…



 The concept of periodization for athletics is not a new concept, but its usage is of fundamental importance to anyone looking to make systematic improvements in their training and involve the often-forgotten variable of individualization.

I use the term athlete loosely. All of you are athletes. 


 The long-term cyclic structuring of training and practice to maximize performance to coincide with important competitions.

Simply, it is the program design strategy that governs planned, systematic variations in:

i) Specificity,

ii) Intensity,

iii) Volume.

The goal of periodization is to maximize gains with the minimal effective dose – So that injury risk is reduced as much as possible. 

If designed properly {over a macro cycle or large amount of time} the individual or athlete should peak multiple times. 

In a basic sense we need to take the goal that is needed by the athlete and apply appropriate stimulus to achieve that goal – while at the same tome not adding any unnecessary stimuli that would detract from the achieving of that goal.

Seems simple.

4 major benefits from Periodizing correctly

1) managing fatigue.

2) manages both general and specific needs of the athlete.

3) ability to optimize performance over a designated period of time.

4) accounts for time constraints training age of person and environmental factors. 

Generally at LatsOn Training we use a traditional macro cycle which covers a calendar year. Broken up into Strength, Transition and Conditioning mesocycles. 

The be all and end all of periodization for a client is that you do need a general knowledge of what periodization is but, in the end, leave the specific details and applications to certified coaches!

That’s all for now,

Stay strong folks!!


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