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Strength Principles part 2

Hello again,

This is a continuation of a two previous articles,

StrongFirst: Principle Based Strength


Strength Principles part 1

This post is about the last 4 points of the StrongFirst ‘S‘ – Strength Principles:

5.Perfect Technique

6.‘Long’ Rest






5) Perfect Technique

  • every rep, every sets, every time…. technique, technique, technique : when you start a new training program or learn a new skill the first few weeks of improvements is predominantly NEUROLOGICAL, not muscular. Then muscular adaption starts to occur.
  • Similarly once you train yourself past the stage of muscular adaption, almost ALL progress becomes neurological and technique based again.
  • attention to technique while training (and having a coach provide correction/feedback) will fast track your road to strength all the while SAVING YOU FROM INJURY.
  • INJURY PROOF YOURSELF by training with good form. The human body CANNOT perform perfect reps while under a high amount of metabolic fatigue – which brings us nicely to our next point


6) Long Rest

  • proper rest intervals are critical : for any serious strength training think 3-5 minutes rest between lifts
  • I go deeper into this subject in a previous post entitled : ‘Training Considerations: Rest, Set Type and Mental Management’
  • Pavel confirms everything I mention in his article ‘Long Rests: Russian Science to the Rescue’
  • another reason to rest long and to keep the sets short (20-40sec max), is what Al Ciampa says in the above article, namely :

    “If you let the “burn” in the muscle rise too high, you literally destroy the mitochondria, the very thing you tried to build”

  • the last tip I have for you comes from a source I cannot remember but it goes:  “Don’t confuse Strength and Conditioning and Conditioning and more Conditioning”


7) Simple

  • this refers to StrongFirst’s Simple and Sinister Revolution : a strength and endurance program that will prepare you for literally ANYTHING
  • it is simple because you use only a hand full of exercises and you get really good at them. in fact the better you get at them the greater the training effect becomes. But you have to use the specific exercises and a certain protocol – find out detail by clicking here.
  • it is also simple because the exercises themselves are easy enough to learn
    • what about the Sinister part you might ask?  well …..


8) Sinister

  • this refers to the fact that training in this way is HARD
  • yes the individual movements themselves might be ‘simple’ but the combination trying to maintain speed while fatigued and still using heavy weights ‘destroys’ your body in the best of possible ways!

check out the new StrongFirst website concerning this subject:

Kettlebell Simple & Sinister




If you follow these principles you will ensure progress.

Have fun with this information, explore what works best for you. If you get confused or just don’t know where to start or what to do  –  that is when you need to get a coach. These principles are useless unless there is a goal or end product in mind.

Hey, that’s a good topic for a blog post in itself! maybe next time….



That’s all I have for you today folks – All the best on the quest to your goals!

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