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Recovery and Corrective Procedures

Hello My Friends!

Today’s Post is about Recovery:

Physical recovery and

Movement recovery – via Corrective Movement Strategy

Everyday Recovery Procedures

6-9 hours post workout recovery window:

(your recovery procedures are maximized within this time period after training)

  1. hydrotherapy; cold/hot baths
    – 30s cold / 60s hot x 10
  2. vibration
    – ‘fast and loose’
    – trampoline or gentle jumping
  3. massage
    – get a professional or a loved one
    – self directed via foam rolling and other mobility tools
  4. Corrective Strategy aka: mobility work
    – see below





  • based on scores from a Functional Movement Screen. ( message us here to get your screen!)
  • a good practitioner of the FMS will be able to prescribe you a set of exercises that will provide instantaneous improvement
  • however, these movements MUST be practiced constantly for about 3 months in order to automate them.

Daily procedure: 2 or 3 sets through out the day, 5 or so easy but perfectly executed reps.

  • Change up the exercises every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain progress.
  • Must complete every rep, every time
  • Must not cause fatigue or soreness
  • A well chosen corrective done daily in the style of massed practice will have greater movement/physical benefits than most other protocols;

    Check out Pavel’s Grease the Groove (GTG) Protocol on the StrongFirst website

    • GTG is one of THE BEST ways of getting better at any movement


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