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My Personal / Organic Iron’s / LatsOn Training’s PURPOSE

To help others move better so that they can live their lives pain free and so that they are able to interact more easily with the world in general.

I see Strength and Mobility (and the process of achieving them) as a way of making one’s self better – a striving for more, for the betterment of your life and others.

Therefore the training one does should reflect this, and should make you FEEL better and BE better, in all aspect of life.

Think about this,

You read in order to make yourself smarter (I know there are other ways, this is just an example). However, this intelligence doesn’t reside in a book, it resides inside you, and will translate into how you interact with the world.

The same hold true with movement.

A whole new realm of possibilities opens up for you when your body works FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Imagine a company whose employees do everything they can to diminish the profits of the business. These employees are actually a cancer, a disease that sucks the life out of its host.

The same goes for the body.

When you stop doing a specific movement – lets say because it hurts – even when the thing that caused the pain goes away, the habit of restricting yourself from doing that movement has become so ingrained that it remains – Even in the absence of the thing that caused the pain in the first place!

This habitual restriction of movement happens at a subconscious level, at the level of the autonomic nervous system, and is therefore hard to self-detect.

This is an example of the Body working against itself.

Lets say you are hurrying for the bus, your watching the cars not your feet as you cross the road. Only half your foot makes it onto sidewalk and you roll your ankle.
But nothing happens, your ok, no swelling, pain or anything!

This is because your tendons are strong and you have a level of awareness of your physical limits to know if you actually hurt yourself.

Without any prior movement training or joint mobility and strengthening, even the slightest ankle roll would defensively produce pain and swelling. This is a natural reaction for the human nervous system, it is your subconscious way of telling your conscious brain “what the hell was that! Be careful! I am going to protect you with extra fluid and warn you with pain every time you move just so that you remember that you should never do that again”

Quite often this threat works, and people start to avoid situation in which even the possibility of such things can happen.

The physical reactions of your body are thus directly connected with how you live your live / how you interact with the world.

Stressing your body out in just the right way, so that it is always improving and never failing, is all important in training.

Train for Gains, not PAINS.

IF you do a whole bunch of small and slightly challenging tasks, and complete them all, your confidence in doing such a task will necessarily increases.

AND because you humans have a tendency to generalize; when you become really good at anything, your mood and in general your quality of life are improved.

you feel more fulfilled and report a greater sense of happiness – your relationships improve, not just with your loved ones but with everyone and everything.

Becoming part of a community that supports this type of philosophy is one of the best things you could do in these modern times.

Fight mediocrity and boredom by being active, eating well and cultivating awareness – a good life will follow.