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2 Fitness Programming Styles

Ello my Friends,

Basic block phases + ‘galloping’ programming


(I)accumulation phase – alternate with (II)

  • functional hypertrophy

(II)strength ramping (intensification) – followed by

  • up to 90% 1-3rep max

(III)metabolic conditioning

  • corrective + assistance + 60-90% of weight reached in (ii)

con: no change in volume btwn ii and iii in the main lift

pro: you get really good at a specific movement


I) clean x5r

II) press 3x5r

III) squat 3s x5r+1press

IV) DL 3s x3r+1squat+1press

V) Corrective+1DL+1squat+1press

VI) Assistance+corrective+1DL+1squat +1press

  • types of movements variable
  • can be progressed over single session or over multiple days