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Posture during Mobility


This is going to be quick.

Posture – as in the proper alignment of your joints – is IMPERATIVE if you want to do any movement efficiently, and this includes ‘mobility’ movements


Assume mobility is posture specific

  • as soon as compensation mechanism kick in the effectiveness of a ‘mobility’ exercise decreases
    • this is because the body conditions itself to ‘be mobile’ ONLY in that compensated position

When you body is in a good postural position the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing you and your muscle to relax – which is key in ALL mobility exercises.

You want to be ‘loose’ enough to get right into your end range of motion, but ‘tight’ enough to maintain proper joint alignment (i.e. Posture).

Posture should be First and Foremost in your mind when you think of movement practice.

Good Posture facilitates a host of other human abilities, and is the most obvious sign of Strength and Longevity.


Cheers 🙂