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HELLO My Friends!

What do YOU want in a Fitness Instructor?

What grinds your gears, what moves your mind?

What motivates your soul?

  • For me it is the constant search, the never ending questions whose answers are forever on the horizon. The reasons for my desire to know as much as possible are two fold: the more I comprehend the more effectively I can provide my service – and because I know that the moment I stop, I will start to die.
  • What grinds my gears is the lack of effective communication in the world. What moves my mind are subjects like physics, astrophysics and quantum physics …. i.e. SPACE – but also the histories of all peoples (and alternate histories) along with anthropology, archaeology, Classical and Religious studies. Music. Art. Architecture. Design.
  • In a Fitness Instructor I look for more than just credentials, I look for attitude. They have to have the right kind of attitude; quick, keen, fair and inexhaustible. Their mindset must be one of duty towards providing valid and intelligent services. “blasting” someone for an hour because they said they wanted to do cardio is not what you want. Even if (s)he is really cute. A quick note on the topic of aesthetics, how an instructor moves is also very important. would you trust a fat dietitian? A Doctor who smoked? Experiencing and Practicing movement is vital to all biological entities bodies and minds. A basic understanding of Neuroscience should be mandatory for an instructor, it does not mean they need a university degree in this subject. They simply have to demonstrate a firm grasp of neuroscience’s main principles such as:
    •  “use it or lose it”
    • neuroplasticity
    • fire together / wire together
    • learned non-use
    • or in general know who Norman Doidge is.


I want to end with you…

i mean input from you.

What do you think on anything that you just read. Doesn’t even have to be critical!

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