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Mobility Requirements – for a ‘physically comfortable’ daily life

This post raises the question: What requisite ‘Mobility’ do you require to get through your daily life with relative ease?

Just think about that for a minute,

you need to tie your shoes, check your blind spot while driving, keep your coffee from spilling, wipe your …. you get the idea: There are a lot of activities in daily life that would be easier if you had more mobility.

Not only should this motivate you to move more often, it should make you think about how you can begin tailoring your program to meet your daily needs.

A good training program will make navigating through the environment of your daily life easier. What this program looks like will be different for every person.

You need to start paying attention to what movements in your daily life give you difficulty, and then incorporate that data into your movement routine.

What to do and how can be answered by simply saying: “Practice”

Try to imitate the movement or activity as much as possible and do a few intentionally slow reps.

If you need guidance – give me, or your local Trainer a call.