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Key Performance Indicators

Are the critical (keyindicators of progress toward an intended result.

The ‘intended result’ in this case is physical performance.

KPI’s are not only valuable for determining progress, but also for determining workout “readiness.” Sometimes over-training can occur due to the other stresses of life. In this case, pushing through a workout is not going to make things better. Taking the day off of training is recommended, because if you catch effects of over-training early you can save the athlete the literal headaches that will occur throughout the rest of their day.

Tracking Baseline KPI’s will allow you to determine fitness readiness and catch early indications of excess fatigue.

What are these physical KPI’s anyway?

They are key activities / exercises that indicate those things discussed above.

Such as :

  • Grip Strength
  • Single Leg Balance
  • Bird Dog
  • Jump height/distance

Track at least 1 of these and you will reap the benefits over time.