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Changing it up a bit – What the height of civilization could look like,

+ a multi-launch approach to space travel




  • Send multiple ships into orbit that can connect once in space. Some containing food, some with resources and fuel – others with people and necessary equipment.
  • Send some of these previously mentioned ships ahead of the main body in order to rendezvous with the star ship later in its voyage. This will keep the mass that has to be moved at any one time to a minimum, meaning the ship will me more maneuverable.
  • Imagine a cosmic landscape dotted with mini generators, able to be drained and replenished. Galactic fueling stations set at appropriate distances apart to allow for the continuous power supply of whomever travelling along this cosmic track line.
  • On an other note: Could not the gravity/mass of the star ship – once moving – kind of ‘pick up’ or ‘catch’ in their orbit, smaller objects? – and in this way could not a heavier star ship tow with it (via gravity) smaller ships and other necessary things?

The main down side I see with using this multiple launch approach might be the cost. But if we are able to crowd source funding by having many companies build just 1 or 2 not ships,then the cost can be spread out to be more manageable. This can also be a long term approach, rolled out over many years, thus keeping any total sum having to be paid out at any one time to a minimum.



This is the  Kardashev scale … 

civilization types


WHAT STOPPED Nikolai Semenovich Kardashev‘S IMAGINATION?

  • Current understanding of the universe has the number of dimensions set at 10 plus 1 of time
  • There can be and ARE an infinite number of possibilities out there; therefore everything can and should be considered as a ‘spectrum‘ of possibilities.
  • Thus there a(n infinite) number of Sub-Type I civilizations (John D. Barrow)
  • Also a(n infinite) number of Supra-Type II civilizations

the late and great CARL SAGAN –  imagined a type of Civilization that had total information mastery,

  • Could there not be further civilization types that ‘live’ in either different dimensions, or in more/different dimension than the 4 dimensions humans inhabit?
  • What about a civilization that can create or DID create our uni/multi-verse…. it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that such a civilization might have coalesced into a matter-less unity that penetrates throughout the universe – like the cosmic background radiation – issuing from everywhere at once, and whose origin depends on the relativistic position of the observer.
  • Imagine a God-like race, that seeds planets with the building blocks of life – with the help of the power they harness from the energy of all the infinite universes within the multiverse.


What do YOU think of what has been presented? Leave your comments and questions below. I really want to know what you think about any of this, I don’t get offended easily so please go ahead and call me on any bullshit. Correct my ignorance and point out my problems. You will be doing everyone a favor – but none more than me.

So, thank you and enjoy