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FEAR manifests itself in many different ways;

–  the fear of failure – fear of rejection – of reality – losing face – pain/sacrifice – commitment – self-doubt – Control –



When you know you are MORE than the positions or titles you hold,

you are truly FREE.

Free to exercise free will.

Free to be your best,

and free to be FREE OF FEAR.


If you ACT into fear, it will disappear.



Control what you can, Ignore the rest.


  1. Value the process as much as the finished product ” Doing is the Reward; the Reward, the Doing”
  2. Only compare yourself with yourself
  3. Don’ t be Lazy (Dynamis) – Play the game of Life INTENSELY, but not SERIOUSLY


“Human affairs are like a chess game;

Only those who do not take it seriously

can be called good players”

– Hung Tzu Ch’eng

In the Game of Careers

What is Peripheral often slips in to fill the void left by lack of PURPOSE

Once you have identified your own purpose, the next step is to realize that there are many other Culturally and Socially prescribed “unwritten” rules you must accept and follow.

This is the “Game”

The skilled player is able to maneuver her way through the vicissitudes of life while staying calm and compassionate.

She has the awareness to play the game without taking herself or the game too seriously.


From this Awareness there are many ways to ‘Play the Game of Life’ without losing yourself in it.

  1. “win the game”
  2. “retreat from the world”
  3. “taking care of others”
  4. “making social change”
  5. “professional waker-upper”

Think of the above as a ‘Life Lenses’ – literally ways in which we can view or perceive the world, such that we can then organize our energies to high efficiency and achieve freedom from fear and fulfillment of purpose.

I personally believe you should try to see the world through all these lenses at once.

But I also believe that one persona cannot serve more than one master.

To be continued ….