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Resolutions On Track

My Friends, Hello!

The Last 4 Doctors you will ever need : Paul Chek

= Nutrition  /  Hydration  /  Sleep  /  Movement =


Productivity Technique

Morning Ritual:

First 10 breathes

  • centering, awakening and arriving

State Daily Intentions

  • mind (intellect) // Body(physical) // Spiritual(interpersonal)

Hydration & Nutrition

  • water & protein


  • hips / shoulders / eyes


The Law of Attraction

For every step, thought or action you take towards your goal,

the universe will take a likewise step closer to you.

the universe respond in kind;

if you stay positive,

so will she.




Listen with affection

a circle has no barriers

When considering a piece of information we:

Accept/Reject/Compare/Replace/Transform via conceptual constraint

but all of these denounce the act of Listening

The miracle of Listening totally and intensely

allows for no preconceived notions

nor rejection or denial

let alone acceptance

there is no good or bad

only love