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Do GENES actually control our lives

The author is no scientist,

just an admirer of the scientific method 🙂

It is still taught in school that genes control almost all of physical and mental actions.

but genes can be turned on or off – that is genes can either be expressed, or not.

Therefore they don’t in fact control themselves but rely on external stimuli in order to activate their different expressions.

Is it possible for something that does not control itself to truly  control something else? Would not the ‘thing doing the signalling’ be considered what is controlling the situation? But what if the thing doing the signaling is the environment? – something that is only ever given half the credit.

Maybe then, ‘the act of being able to be expressed’ is what is important. That would redeem the value of genes at least.

Or maybe we should be considering the role of PERCEPTION

all biological surfaces have receptors, that is, something that signals the ‘inside’ of the goings on of the ‘outside’.

Do we have receptors?

Of course we do – our senses! Eyes, Ears, Nose, Hands … SKIN.

The way we perceive things has an effect on what we believe, and maybe this means the way perceive things also has an effect on the genes that get expressed!

Ok but don’t believe me, and don’t even believe the video below – think about it for yourself