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Strength & Conditioning & Ethics

The gym is the perfect setting to think about one’s actions, and then work on improving them.

Health Body – Healthy Mind

A “Philosopher-Coach” can improve the physical culture as well as the cognitive culture of their athletes.

Which will yields improvements in emotional as well as physical intelligence:

“There are ‘proper’ ways to lift – just as there are ‘proper’ ways to live” – Both can be taught and practiced in the gym

 Physical Activity

Is associated with Higher GPAs and therefore a greater chance of getting into university.

Improves interpersonal skills and bolsters Leadership skills

In General Physical Activity & Sport Improves Mental Health

…. Until it doesn’t.

  • Too many current day examples of athletes, coaches, therapists or those in a position of power, abusing that power and overstepping boundaries, even committing assault.
  • This does NOT help the mental health of anyone. 
  • It is this type of culture that needs to be changed.

An ethically-minded coach can affect positive changes to our athletic cultures.

The youth represent our future and deserve to be invested in properly.

The best place to invest and initiate this change is in schools.

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The OrganicIron Method :

For those interested in skill development and expanding your ‘physical intelligence’ through the practice of Mobility, Strength and Coordination.

  • Learn to correctly use the muscle you take for granted -> Specially those involved in breathing, balance, vision and posture.
  • Train your REFLEXES and learn to take advantage of them in order to optimize your movement.
  • Learn to harness your mind-body connection, and how to use it!

Want to know more about the Organic{Iron} Method?

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Body Awareness

Body Awareness involves Body Image as well as Proprioception.

Body Image,
is the picture of yourself you see in your head. The majority of people need to work on creating a healthier body image. It is unfortunate but we live in a society where ‘Image’ is important. I agree it is, but a “Healthy” body image is what we are after.

is your physical body’s ability to feel. People often need work with this too, much of balance comes from your ability to ‘feel’ your centre of mass over your feet.

Improving these,
will enhance your life. Realize ‘You’ are your body & mind. Health in one carries benefits over to the other. Strengthening your proprioception and body image will lead only to a better You.


  • Body Scan
    – scan your body head-toe, joint by joint – – just ‘feeling’ what state your body is in right now.
  • Visualization
    – imagine standing in front of a mirror, or imagine a specific body part. In your mind, You are in control – shape your image to reflect your goals.
  • Ideally Both Together!
    – imagining performing the movement while actually performing the movement …. very Meta!

This is an important topic, but very rarely talked about.

The truth is, with as little as 5 minutes of practice a day, you can make huge strides in improving your movement and your quality of life.

All it takes is actually doing that ‘practice’!!! = You must COMMIT to it.

There are just over 90 days left in this year, what are you going to do with them?

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Keeping The Blade Sharp

“Keeping The Blade Sharp” is a practice I embrace as a StrongFirst Instructor.

  • It means practicing what I preach and not letting my own training go to the wayside as I get busier with new clients.
  • It allows me to stay in touch with the experience that I am putting my athletes through.
  • It holds me to a higher standard of strength and conditioning.
  • It provides me with the opportunity to learn from the struggle – for strength is made only in the forge.

This commitment keeps me healthy.

YOU TOO should make this commitment!

I am not saying drop everything and become a StrongFirst Instructor (not against the idea either) – but what you should do is make a commitment to a movement routine.

In previous posts I have discussed what type of exercises you should be focusing on and talked all about functional movement, so I won’t go into it now.

All this is to say that you need to be continuously practicing these functional exercises, and using a corrective movement strategy if you have any weaknesses / asymmetries.

Why? Simply because:

If you don’t use it,

You lose it.

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‘MED’s 4 Sleep

These are your Sleep MED’s …

Sleep Factors :

  • Dark
  • Cold
  • Quiet
  • Duration
  • Timing of:
    • Movement
    • Nutrition
    • Supplements

Jet Lag :

  • Light
  • Movement
  • Nutrition

Mindset :

  • Reduce stress-stimulus
  • Prime mind for your morning / positive affirmations
  • “Remembering” to help fall asleep


Sleep Factors for setting up a Sleep Factory

Keep your bedroom as dark as possible.

  • Dim lights as evening progresses
  • Reduce exposure to Blue light during evening
  • Get Sunlight in the morning

Keep your bedroom cool.

  • Body temperature of 60C
  • Hot / Cold exposure (shower)

Keep bedroom quiet.

  • White noise

YOU NEED 6-9 hours

  • Yes there are outliers
  • Below 6, above 9 = higher risk of disease and all-cause mortality

YOU NEED to exercise

  • Not too close to bed (2-3 hours before bed)
  • Overtraining can cause insomnia

YOU NEED to eat properly

  • Not too close to bed (2-3 hours before bed)
  • Avoid stimulants & depressants in the afternoon (6 hours before bed)


Remember to cycle your dose over/under the recommended dosage:

  • Melatonin
  • CBD
  • GABA
  • Calcium & Magnesium + Stack
  • Vitamin A
  • Valerian Root
  • Tryptophan


= adjusting your circadian rhythm to match your geographic location

  • Expose yourself to hormetic stress first thing in the morning
    • Sun light
    • Exercise
    • Eat  


  • You MUST ACTIVATE your Parasympathetic Nervous System
    • Breath work
    • Essential Oils
    • Gargling / Hand warming / Tummy Rub / Palming
  • You MUST DEACTIVATE your Sympathetic Nervous System
    • Reduce exposure to stress
    • Reduce stimuli in general
    • Journaling
  • Prime your Mind
    • Positive self talk / Mantra
    • Imagine your ‘best possible morning’
    • Remember peaceful moments in your past.


  • In your light / dark cycle
  • In the hours you wake & fall asleep
  • This is the only way for a human body to synchronize wakefulness & sleepiness to the appropriate times of day. (I.E. adjust external conditions and force your body to adapt.)
  • Consistency is the key to many things – including health, strength, and intelligence.