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An objective eye for all your health & fitness needs:

Schedule yours now !!!

> Find out how to get your Movement Routine started; what equipment you need and what exercises you should be doing.

> Find out how much exercise you need, how much sleep you need and what foods you should be eating / avoiding.

> Find out how to optimize your health and fit it into your lifestyle & schedule.

Once you get started you can expect:

– Analysis & Review
– Progress Tracking
– Background Research on Health Issues
– Individualized Support
– Connections to Health Care Professionals across the GTA

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4 Week EMOM

A little something to do at home while we are all in isolation



Fundamental Movements
Combo Movements
Deadlift / Clean
Deadlift / Squat
Clean / Squat
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Mobility Requirements – for a ‘physically comfortable’ daily life

This post raises the question: What requisite ‘Mobility’ do you require to get through your daily life with relative ease?

Just think about that for a minute,

you need to tie your shoes, check your blind spot while driving, keep your coffee from spilling, wipe your …. you get the idea: There are a lot of activities in daily life that would be easier if you had more mobility.

Not only should this motivate you to move more often, it should make you think about how you can begin tailoring your program to meet your daily needs.

A good training program will make navigating through the environment of your daily life easier. What this program looks like will be different for every person.

You need to start paying attention to what movements in your daily life give you difficulty, and then incorporate that data into your movement routine.

What to do and how can be answered by simply saying: “Practice”

Try to imitate the movement or activity as much as possible and do a few intentionally slow reps.

If you need guidance – give me, or your local Trainer a call.

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The Movement Spectrum

Thinking of Movement as a spectrum will allow you to better understand how to improve performance.

All human movement can be broken down into a few specific “Movement Patterns.”

The thing about these patterns is that everyone can do them, it is just that some people are better at doing them than others.

If you are good at doing squats, then you might try jump-squats : if you are bad at squats, you can practice glue bridges and easier exercises that imitate the movement of the squat. In this way a good coach should be able to provide individualized exercise selection for each person.

Once you start to see movement as a spectrum, you start to notice that each movement pattern has its own role to play with all the others and in the greater ability of human movement in general.

Focusing your training on specific movement patterns and specialized variations of them will keep you balanced, mobile and strong.

That is all for now,

Have fun thinking about which movements belong were on the spectrum!

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Thoughts on the path of Buddha




“Zen explains noting and analyses nothing.

It simply aims backwards, directly, at our mind,

so that we can awaken”

> Seung Sahn <



“If you students of the Way wish to become Buddhas,

you need to study no doctrines whatever,

but learn only how to avoid seeking for and attaching yourselves to anything.”

> Huang Po <



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