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Posture and Neurological Readiness

Hello My Friends,


MOAR Paul Chek for you


Paul Chek has a stability drill that is done kneeling on a swiss ball and holding for a set period of time. Depending how many times the athlete falters or falls – or doesn’t – reflects a state of readiness, or preparedness for physical activity (aka. your ability to handle load -or nor – on a given day due to nervous system fatigue).

Once a base line is set to compare against, such a Neuro-Test is a valuable tool that can be used as a guide to the work load(set/rep/volume) and complexity of your workout.

All this is assuming you are tying to stay away from neurological fatigue.


Some people cannot balance on a swiss ball even for a second!

a few things are needed:

  1. A subjective questionnaire which qualifies and quantifies your mood / sleep quality / Libido? etc… (others?) – based on the responses to these questions you will get an appropriate work load for your workout
  2. A more accessible Neuro-Test; suggestions include ‘ICS’ eye drills, crawling, or any complex movement that requires coordination.

‘ICS‘ = In Challenging Stance

  • this can mean any variety of posture: kneeling / standing / feet together / inline / single leg etc…

Eye Drill = such as : VOR / Object Tracking / letter ball (a catching drill)

Try this: stand on your non-dominant leg. put your hand out in front of you and stare at your thumb. rotate your head (chin over shoulder) side to side 10 times while keeping your eyes fixed on your thumb. – tricky, isn’t it?

use the above as a base line – some days, when you suck it and keep falling over, it is probably a sign that you should cut a set or 2 as well as a rep or 2 on each set – in order to stay out of neurological fatigue.

“Chek” out the ‘the Red-Yellow and Green of Exercise’ :

—-last thing from Paul Chek—-

Sorenson Test :



Our man Chek believes an individual with balanced Tonic/Phasic musculature should be able to hold this ‘Sorenson’ position for 4 whole minutes.

Lastly, Chek’ out the 3 part video series called the “the Red-Yellow and Green of Exercise” for further information on workout preparation:

(p.s. no one expects you to read the article provided in the link)



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Resolutions On Track

My Friends, Hello!

The Last 4 Doctors you will ever need : Paul Chek

= Nutrition  /  Hydration  /  Sleep  /  Movement =


Productivity Technique

Morning Ritual:

First 10 breathes

  • centering, awakening and arriving

State Daily Intentions

  • mind (intellect) // Body(physical) // Spiritual(interpersonal)

Hydration & Nutrition

  • water & protein


  • hips / shoulders / eyes


The Law of Attraction

For every step, thought or action you take towards your goal,

the universe will take a likewise step closer to you.

the universe respond in kind;

if you stay positive,

so will she.




Listen with affection

a circle has no barriers

When considering a piece of information we:

Accept/Reject/Compare/Replace/Transform via conceptual constraint

but all of these denounce the act of Listening

The miracle of Listening totally and intensely

allows for no preconceived notions

nor rejection or denial

let alone acceptance

there is no good or bad

only love


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2 Fitness Programming Styles

Ello my Friends,

Basic block phases + ‘galloping’ programming


(I)accumulation phase – alternate with (II)

  • functional hypertrophy

(II)strength ramping (intensification) – followed by

  • up to 90% 1-3rep max

(III)metabolic conditioning

  • corrective + assistance + 60-90% of weight reached in (ii)

con: no change in volume btwn ii and iii in the main lift

pro: you get really good at a specific movement


I) clean x5r

II) press 3x5r

III) squat 3s x5r+1press

IV) DL 3s x3r+1squat+1press

V) Corrective+1DL+1squat+1press

VI) Assistance+corrective+1DL+1squat +1press

  • types of movements variable
  • can be progressed over single session or over multiple days


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Brute Strength Workout Program

‘BRUTE strength’  inspired Program:

– Size, Strength, Power –

Phase 1 =TENxTEN4TEN +rest week –
=Accumulation Phase = start the year off with 10 sets of 10 reps for 10 weeks. focus on speed the first 3-4 weeks, build volume by increasing the weight. Weeks 9 and 10 should be no more than 60% 1rep max.

Phase 2 = 5/3/1 intensification
= Intensification Phase = after rest / deload week, do 3-5 cycles of 5/3/1

cycle 1:
week 1 = 5×5 @70-75%
week 2 = 6×3 @75-80%
week 3 = 8×1@80-85%
cycle 2: (+5%)
W4, 5 & 6 @ 85-90%
cycle 3: (+5%)
W7, 8 & 9 @ 90-95%
cycle 4: (+5%)
W10, 11 & 12 @ 95ish %



Bi-annual Variation

Phase I
Accumulation; TENxFIVE4FIVE – 10sx5rx5weeks
W1&2: 1r/3r@85%
W3,4,5: 1r/5r/3r@90%
W6: 1r@95%

Phase II
Accumulation; FIVExTEN4FIVE – 5sx10rx5weeks
W1&2: 2r/3r@85%
W3,4,5: 2r/5r/3r@90%
W6: 2r@95%

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Dan ‘the f***ing man’ John

Hello Everyone!

I doubt he will remember this but, a few years ago an old co-worker and I were chatting before a meeting.

He commented in his typical exuberant way about the fact that I was going to Chicago to see – among others – Dan John at a perform better conference.

His excitement can appear sarcastic to those who do not know him. But believe me when I tell you he literally yelled “you get to see DAN THE FUCKING MAN JOHN!!!”  – he then apologized, in an “I am sorry, I don’t know what just came over me” sort of way.

That is the story of how this article came to be named

What this article is, is a collection of some of The Man’s best wisdom and workouts.



DAN John inspired:

warmup : 1 min walk / 1 min rest + 2 min walk / 1 min rest

increase weight
1 min walk / 1 min rest

increase weight

1 min / 2 min rest

heaviest weight:

30 sec / 2-3 min rest x2/3sets

Hold Types:

Farmers Carry


Over Head

Combo(x3 variation)

OR – SLED(push/pull)

DAN John “bench” marks:
1) BW bench
2) 2BW DL
3) 2min plank
4) sit test
5) SL balance
6) 30 sec hang / pull up
7) long jump height
8) BW Squat 30sec
9) FC BW 100 yards

Do High-Rep Squats (50 repetitions)

  • If you weigh 135 pounds or below, use 135 when squatting.
  • 135-185 pounds, use 185.
  • 185-205 pounds, use 205.
  • Over 205 pounds, use 225.

Carry Stuff

  • for 100 yards
  • use the same weight as above

Pull Double Body weight

  • Deadlift; conventional or sumo – for 1 repetition

Press Body weight

  • strict military press overhead for 1 repetition

Be Real about why you are training

Understand what training is: to increase the ability to do work.

In the most basic form, picking something off the ground is work. If you cannot do the most basic form of work well,

how do you think you will perform on more complex forms of ‘work’?

Put in an effort to be efficient – cut through the bullshit – and do what really matters.