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Better Movement Series : Hip Health

Using a movement approach to muscle and joint health involves exploring the ranges of motion, not going past 2/10 in discomfort and matching your breathing with your movement.

here are my Top 3 Hip mobility movements:

>> Leg Swings – hold onto something for stability to maximize the effect.

>> Hip Rocks – ‘Tactical Frog’ and 1/2 kneeling variations.

>> Heel Circles – great for the knee and hip.

One last thing to say on this topic.

Love Your Feet!

believe me or not but healthy feet are key to longevity. Strengthen them, wash them, moisturize them, massage them, get good shoes etc.
> Do ankle exercises whenever it is inconspicuous enough to do so.
> Release Plantar Fascia tension at the end of the day.
> Keeping them clean & moisturizing them should be a daily routine.

If you are having hip pain you should go to a pelvic stability specialist. However there are a few things you can do on your own. For now check out Kelly Starrett & Paul Chek for some great tips, and stay tune for my own insight in later posts.