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An objective eye for all your health & fitness needs:

Schedule yours now !!!

> Find out how to get your Movement Routine started; what equipment you need and what exercises you should be doing.

> Find out how much exercise you need, how much sleep you need and what foods you should be eating / avoiding.

> Find out how to optimize your health and fit it into your lifestyle & schedule.

Once you get started you can expect:

– Analysis & Review
– Progress Tracking
– Background Research on Health Issues
– Individualized Support
– Connections to Health Care Professionals across the GTA

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4 Week EMOM

A little something to do at home while we are all in isolation



Fundamental Movements
Combo Movements
Deadlift / Clean
Deadlift / Squat
Clean / Squat
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LatsOn Strength Challenge

I am doing the LatsOn Strength Challenge next week

And this is how I am preparing :

DATE : Thursday Jan 16th

Power Cleans

Bench Press x 3 reps
– super set with –
Push Up x AMRAP


3 rep ‘practice’ – Long Rest + focus on tension & technique –


This is how it turned out ….


Kaz – Double 24kg KB ‘Bottoms Up’

Tyler – Double 28kg KB ‘Bottoms Up’

Martin – Back Squat @ 205lbs



…. 4 minutes of us walking in circles ….

… with heavy weights!

Kaz @ Double 32kg

Tyler @ Double 32kg

Martin @ Double 36kg

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Every Day Movement

One of the best movements to practice every day is transferring from a squat into a plank.

This movement involves:

>>> Squat
>>> Upper body Crawl
>>> Plank / & or / Push Up
>>> Reverse movement – stay low – squat back up to standing & repeat.

This movement takes a bit more effort to perform, but your rate of perceived exertion should not exceed 6 / 10.

Including this movement into your routine will do wonders for maintaining your hip, knee and ankle health / mobility – as well as strengthening and coordinating the shoulders and core.

If you lack the necessary mobility to perform this movement that means this is not the place for you to start. Consider ‘Glute-Bridges’ & ‘Pullovers’ combined with squat practice. Or maybe you have body composition issues OR maybe you lack core strength – each has an appropriate training protocol to strengthen your weakness. Unless you use the help of a movement coach, you will have to figure out what training protocol is best for you.

Let me know how it goes.

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Pro – Programming Tips

Training too often forces you to train with a medium intensity, and so to does not training enough.

“if you fail to plan then plan to fail”: you must schedule alternating ‘heavy’ ‘medium’ & ‘light’ days into your training protocol in order to maximize progress.

Heavy – means high intensity day : what ever that means to you / depending on requirements of your sport.

Medium – middle intensity day : 20% less work or intensity than Heavy day.

Light – low intensity day : 20% less than medium day

Heavy and Light are more important that Medium – but unfortunately most people are constantly training in this intensity zone.

You may be doing High Intensity Interval Training – but your performance is plateauing or even diminishing.

The human body need stimulus from both ends of the spectrum – it needs light, long and easy work outs & short, hard and heavy ones too. Furthermore the body also needs long, challenging “grind” sessions as well as short and brief light sessions. This is because many people forget that duration and intensity are independent variables.

Programming variables:

  • sets
  • reps
  • load
  • volume
  • duration
  • intensity

All of these need to be considered in a good workout program.

First You have to decided to start somewhere…

When you go to alter your program by the recommended 20% choose 1 variable. As you get more proficient at programming you can alter more than one variable at a time to make up that 20%.

You also need to learn how to alter variables on the fly during a workout when needed. This skill is important for both coaches and athletes. Determining your readiness for exercises is important for progress (and not overreaching / over training). Readiness can mean your too fatigued for a planned workout, or alternatively – you feel great and can perform more then expected. But for those on an upward trend however be warned, it won’t last forever. so instead of waiting to hit a plateau, plan ahead and schedule in Light days, so that your Heavy days can be really, really heavy 🙂