LatsOn Strength Challenge

A Strength Challenge all our own!?!

  • For those of you who do not know what the TACTICAL STRENGTH CHALLENGE is, find our here.


L.S.C = LatsOn Strength Challenge


To help promote a healthy and strong lifestyle

To encourage community involvement

To challenge your conceptions of ‘fitness’

To physically prepare you for life (as well as balance out your training for the TSC!)


Here are the 3 Challenges


Challenge 1

> 3RM Squat

– Kettlebell or Barbell

Test of lower body max strength


Challenge 2

> Max rep ‘Perfect’ Push up

– Beginner = Body Weight

– Advanced – 10lbs or 25lbs plate on back

 – Elite – 55lbs plate on back

Test of max upper body strength


> Farmers Carry: weight for time.

– Beginner – Dbl 12/16kg

– Advanced – Dbl 20/24kg

– Elite – Dbl 40kg

Test of full body endurance


@LATSON we  feel very strongly about the TSC because the exercises selection includes some of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding movements.

Furthermore, LatsOn Training has been the only location in Ontario to Host the TSC …. so it is literally up to us to spread the word.

Increasing the popularity of the TSC will mean stronger/faster and longer living Torontonians!


You cannot train only 3 exercises all the time … your body and your mind needs variation.

PLUS, those 3 exercises (Deadlift, Pull up and Snatch) are big and scary and most people don’t know how to do them correctly….


To fulfill these two needs, namely I) increase variation and II) decrease ‘technical’ difficultly (without sacrificing the high standards on form that we have @LatsOn)

– Therefore MORE people can readily perform in this event!

What the L.S.C will prepare you for:

  • As opposed to the TSC which was designed to test and prepare the abilities of military personnel and enforcement (police) officers, the LSC is designed to allow anyone, from the general population to more advanced lifters, to test your ability to;
    • a) produce raw power in your Upper and Lower Body, and
    • b) test how functional your cardio-vascular system is – all in an safe and fun environment! YEA!


L.S.C Technique and Training CLASS


Each Class will have a different theme;

This way we can provide quality instruction, useful tips and a supportive environment for the mindful practice of the movements.

(I.E. theory, training and application to daily life – in every class)


Squat Day

  • Warm up
  • ‘How to’ tutorial
  • Tips for Kettlebell Squats
  • Practice KB
  • Tips for Barbell Squats
  • Practice barbell

Other Tips:

  • foods for strength (nutrition / supplementation)
  • mindset (food for thought)



To ensure safety as well as the efficacy of this challenge there are a few RULES we need to follow:




SQUAT Rules:

  • KB must remain at chin level
  • Elbow must not touch lower body

* test of: full body power production  & nervous system strength

PUSH UP Rules:

  • Must lock out elbows at the top + split second pause before continuing
  • Must get full range of motion

*test of: upper body strength & core efficiency

CARRY Rules:

  • Weights must be controlled = no swaying
  • Tempo must be controlled

*test of: efficiency of heart and lungs to transfer blood to muscles (cardio-vascular ability)

We are less concerned with NUMBERS (weights, reps, sets),- as we are concerned with your ability to SUSTAIN QUALITY MOVEMENT.

This is because—

> Quality will ensure Longevity <



Stay Strong my friends!