A Passionate instructor of Strength (StrongFirst) and Mobility (FMS). His Exercise Strategy involves Assessments and Correctives; Making weaknesses Strengths, through learning and practicing skills.

Coach Martin

My name is Martin Colangelo

I live and work in Toronto – co-founded LatsOn Training in 2016 – provide professional coaching services to Individuals and Groups.

I Am certified FMS II & StrongFirst II

  • I understand the subtleties of analyzing movement – and know which exercises will be appropriate for you.
  • Adherence to “Hard Style” training since 2005 has forged my own injury-resistant strength – but more importantly, I have taught others this same methodology with much success.



Personal Training ($90)

> Using the best methodologies; backed by science and experience.

> Goal Setting, Progress Tracking, Personal Accountability … everything you would expect from a Professional!

  • Never Waste a Workout Again.
  • Become PAIN FREE, and Resilient to injury.
  • In-Home or at a training facility
  • Online Training


Recovery ($45)

> Consultation / Introduction 

> Techniques & Follow Along Videos


Nutrition ($45)

“Take care of your gut bacteria and they will take care of you”

> Consultation / Introduction 

> Fermented products for sale



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Strength Challenges



April and October, Hosted by Martin Colangelo

          • Deadlift
          • Pull Up / Flexed arm hang
          • 5 minute Snatch test



January and July, Hosted by Tyler Lees-Schmut

          • Squat
          • Push Up
          • Farmers Carry



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