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4 ways to fight the ‘Sitting Disease’

Hello my friends,

This post was inspired by an article by Mike Sheridan, from which was borrowed the term the ‘sitting disease’.

+ TIPS from people like Tim Ferriss, Eric Cobb and Kelly Starrett!


4 ways to fight the ‘Sitting Disease’

The ‘sitting disease’ is defined in terms of its associated dysfunctions.

These ‘dysfunctions’ occur throughout the body and are quite wide ranging, they include:

  • muscular and postural imbalances
  • difficulty breathing
  • reduced visual clarity
  • reduced focus

Basically it makes you age faster….

Ok ok,

Enough scare-tactics :  it’s time for the practical solution.

‘The Sitting Disease and What To Do About It’


1)     If you are forced to be at a desk all day, consider an Adjustable-height or Standing desk .

  • Changing the type of thing you are sitting on doesn’t change the fact that you are sitting. It is the seated posture that is the problem


2)     MOVE, every hour.

  • That means get up and walk around for 5-10 minutes
  • Dr.Cobb (Z-Health)  suggests focusing the eyes on something in the distance for 30-60 seconds, in order to make the eye muscles adjust to a different depth + close eyes and relax them for 30-60 seconds.
  • Tim Ferriss(‘4hour Body’ etc…) suggests going into a washroom and doing some speed squats in the stall! (in fact he does this prior to meals to increase he metabolism prior to eating = a great fat loss tip)
  • I personally suggest ½ kneeling Halo’s x4/5 reps in each direction and on each knee. This will not only keep you awake, it will keep you strong and mobile through the very areas that are compromised by sitting.


3)     Practice Good Breathing!

  • Oxygen is needed for the brain to work efficiently.
  • You cannot take a full breath if your Posture is poor – Good Breathing = Good Posture.


4)     Never Stop Moving!

  • This suggestion comes from Kelly Starrett : Fidgeting is Good! Shifting positions, crossing your legs, bouncing even playing with pens; all this has shown to re-actively engage the core muscles which allows you to stay awake and keep your posture!


I Hope you found this useful, If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

And Remember, we can only show you the door, it is up to you to ACT!

Stay Strong my friends 🙂