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“Whole Foods – Wholly Ignorant” – Nutritional Roulette (prt5/8)

Nutritional Roulette



Wholly ignorant!

Vegan organic protein powder;

proven to contain high amounts of lead – by Mike Adam’s Lab.


even after confronting Wholefoods about it – Wholefoods continues to sell these products.

The reason these vegan protein powders, especially brown rice protein powders, have high levels of heavy metal toxins in them =

  • Because the raw materials are from China

In July of 2014, Mike Adams published this article

Heavy metal toxins in levels up to 2000% of the limit imposed by the ‘California Proposition 65’ (1986)

Ignorance or disbelief is the issue, not malice – however Whole Foods is participating whether they like it or not, in this reality: that corporations are allowing misleading health claims on products targeted to health-conscious consumers.


Stay tuned for PART 6!

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“IMPOSSIBLE TO GROW ORGANIC IN CHINA” – Nutritional Roulette (prt4/8)

Nutritional Roulette

Impossible to Grow Organic in China



  • World’s largest exporter
  • World’s largest carbon pollution emitter
  • In 2013 – 3.3 million hectares of land considered too polluted to grow crops
  • 90% of groundwater is polluted
  • ½ of exported rice contains high levels of cadmium
    In 2009:

    • 78% of the tilapia and 70% of the apple juice in the U.S. was imported from china
    • Along with environmental pollution issues there are:
      • Lax safety laws
      • Inability to enforce standards
      • Unsafe food additives and labeling
      • Drug residue
  • YET only 2%of imported food from China gets tested!

*Even foods labeled ‘Organic’ (if from China) WILL contain traces of toxins due to these conditions and practices.


Stay tuned for PART 5!

Martin Colangelo – Blog Author

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Plyometrics Here! Get Your Plyometrics Here!

Also known as “Jump Training” or “Plyos”

– Exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (more specifically; speed-strength).

Martin Colangelo and I at LatsOn Training have emphasized the concept below in the past….

and we repeat them because they are WORTH REPEATING….

It is time to clarify what and how to include “PLYOS” into your training.

Let me try and dispel any myths you may have with regard to plyometric training.

First of all,

plyometrics should not be done in isolation but as part of a complete program which emphasizes a good basis in strength before “leaving the ground”.

The other major consideration is to keep the volume (reps and sets and number of drills or tasks) to a minimum.*

Overuse, even with a solid basis in strength, is a strong likelihood if volume is too high.

This is because plyo drills have a combination of very high need for input from the central nervous system, high wear on joints and surrounding tissues and dynamic speed leaving less time to feel any deviations from proper form or technique.


In a nutshell,

it is hard to do this kind of training!

<Also, just to clarify – ‘plyo’ training is not only performed by the lower body as the term ‘jump training’ might insinuate – There are just as many upper body based drills as lower body ones.>

Another consideration is the importance of the landing.

The eccentric loading in this style of training (the integrity of joints and body control on landing) is more important than the launching part (concentric) of the movement.

Full Stop.

Overall joint health, maintenance of strength and injury prevention are in place if very close attention is paid to the landing phase.

The last Issue

is wanting to do the cool, sexy, plyo drills too early in a training program

(ie Improper Progressions – see’ Periodization‘ )

You wouldn’t do a barbell back squat before learning how to do a good body weight or kettlebell goblet squat first. Be smart in your programming.

Quick summary:
1) Don’t skip strength (i.e. warm up thoroughly)
2) Avoid high volume
3) Progress properly

Enjoy my peeps!


Co-Owner / Instructor / Author @

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“MERCURY AMALGAMS” – Nutritional Roulette (prt3/8)

Nutritional Roulette

*Another Little Thought of Source of a Specific Heavy Metal Toxin:

Mercury Dental Amalgams

  • 1/3rd of mercury found in sewage sludge substrate is from mercury Amalgams and filling related implements. *World Health Organization. Mercury in health care. Water sanitation and health. Department of Protection of the Human Environment Policy. August 2005.



How your teeth are poisoning you

  • 90% have received filling
  • 8 cavities per person on average
  • World Health Organization has concluded that amalgam filling contributes to the vast majority of mercury accumulation in the human body
  • Chewing gum, brushing and fluoride use all increase mercury corrosion rates
  • Studies have shown that mental function improves just 10 months after removing mercury amalgams
  • Mercury finds its way into breast milk: the amount of which directly relates to the number of fillings the woman has.

Yet the American Dental Association insists that mercury-containing dental amalgams are a “safe, affordable, and durable material”



Other related articles:

Nutrition For Your Teeth

> Stay tuned for PART 4!

Martin Colangelo – Blog Author

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“TOXIC FERTILIZERS” – Nutritional Roulette (prt2/8)

Nutritional Roulette

Toxic Elements in ‘Fertilizers’

“The greatest concern with concentrated livestock operations is not only the low-quality food that is produced by raising livestock animals under stressed condition to maximize space while providing inadequate nutritional inputs and unnatural dietary choices, but also, the biomagnification of toxins.”

– Mike Adams. *‘Food Forensics: the hidden toxins lurking in your food and how you can avoid them for lifelong health’. 2016. BenBella Books Inc.



  • Cattle, Poultry and Swine (etc)
  • Their waste contains traces of ALL heavy metals
  • Which end up in ‘Bio’-fertilizers.


  • B/C the Feed that is used is high in
    • heavy metals,
    • pesticides,
    • antibiotics,
    • Pharmaceutical compounds, artificial hormones, bacteria etc.

> All these Toxins ‘Bioaccumulate’ in the plants grown from toxic soil, in the animals that eat these plants, and finally into the humans that eat both:

  • Higher levels of toxins in those higher up in the food chain -> whose waste thus has the highest concentration of such toxins.
  • This waste then ironically gets used as fertilizer for crops for humans and in feed for animals.

Bio-Fertilizer Examples:

Sewage ‘Sludge’ is OK fertilizer (EPA, USCC, WEF) = ‘Biosolids’

[Banded in 1992]

“Long standing policy encourages the beneficial reuse and recycling of industrial wastes, including hazardous wastes, when such wastes can be used as safe and effective substitutes for virgin raw materials.” 1997. *U.S. Environment Protection Agency. U.S. Environment fact sheet: waste-derived fertilizers. Solid waste and emergency response. EPA530-F-97-053. Dec 1997,

“Dillo Dirt” (2016) – company from Austin Texas: Composed of human waste.

  • A ‘Biosolid’
  • Not for eatable vegetable gardens (in fine print) : but sold on same shelf as common garden compost.
    • Contains ALL heavy metal toxins
    • As well as Fungicides

= Shady Retail Practices


Stay tuned for PART 3!

Martin Colangelo – Blog Author

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