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The Importance of Strength

Hello my friends!

This is why Strength Is Everything


Our Strength determines the quality of our time here on earth.

Our physical experience matters – how we function in our skin and how we interact (with others/ environment) is related to our ability to express our Strength.

In general – a Strong individual is more likely to be happy than a Weak one


Human anatomy has evolved in conjunction with the physical labors of finding food and building shelter for over million’s of years.

Aeons of evolution has created physical needs for the human body as well as the human mind – Needs that cannot be overlooked due to the invention of desk jobs.

It is unfortunate that in today’s age physical labor is seen as an inconvenience….


> Physiology tells us that our physical bodies have a high potential for developing strong muscles, tendons and bones –

> Neuroscience tells us that our physical bodies also have a high potential for coordination and the development of tremendous skill.

> Age, Disease and other factors eat away at our physical capacities.

> Nutrition, having a movement practice and other factors directly impact our physical and mental capacities – these actions however, are highly variable from individual to individual.

If you think about the above statements enough you realize that our physical and mental capabilities will decline as soon as we stop getting better / stop learning.

> Therefore we NEED exercise in order to stay alive and healthy – Body and Mind

Strength is a result of pursuing health, perfection and living fully.


A Few Questions:

Do you want to play with your children or grandchildren?

Do you want to see them with clarity and move with ease?

How can you expect to moving with ease then, if you don’t even moved with ease now?

A Few Suggestions:

What you need is a reservoir of skill or ability, to draw upon as you age.

What builds up this reservoir is practice – intense (ideally perfect) practice.

What is important to note is that all these processes (aging, disease, physical ability/skill etc) take TIME

There is no fountain of youth in exercise, only the opportunity to maximize ones physical (genetic) potential.


With all this in mind,

Have a great day.


Martin Colangelo : “The Better Movement Specialist”

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