Tim Ferris and Kelly Starrett Inspired MetCon Program

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Tim Ferris interviewed Kelly Starrett and it was awesome. From their conversation came the following program.

Plus there is something of my own at the end ūüôā


Tim/Kelly Met-con Program

(metabolic conditioning)

5 rep max exercise = ‚ÄėA‚Äô

week 1 = 5 sets of ‘A’ with 3-5 mins rest

week 2 = 5 sets of Crawl+’A’ with 3-5 mins rest

week 3 = 5 sets of Crawl + Burpee + ‘A’ + Rest

week 4 = 5 sets of Crawl + Burpee + side shuffle + ‘A’ + Rest

week 5 = Test = rest an extra day or two – use 5 rep max weight: do as many reps as possible





CLP program

Day One

I) Cleans (I

  1. strength – increase volume:

week 1: (2,4,6) x 3
week 2: (2,6) x 4
week 3: (2,4,6) x 4
week 4: 6 x 6

*New phase: adding in corrective exercises first, then assistance exercises

conditioning – pre-stress ‘A’

week 5: corrective/ clean/ assistance
week 6: corrective/  assistance/ clean
week 7:correctivex2 / assistance/ clean
w8:correctivex2 / assistancex2/ clean

Day Two

II) Squat (II
strength – increase volume

week 1: 5,4,3,2,1
week 2: pyramid
week 3: 4,3,2,1x2s
week 4: 3,2,1×3/4s

*New phase: conditioning Рpre-stress new rep range

week 5: corrective/ squat/ assistance
week 6: corrective/  assistance/ squat
week 7:correctivex2 / assistance/ squat
w8:correctivex2 / assistancex2/ sq

Day Three

III) Press (III
week 1-4
Grind: 4,3,2,1
Grind: 5,4,3,2,1

*New phase

III) Clean/Press (III

week 5-8
Explode: 2,4,6
Explode: 2,4,6,8

>>>     ?week off?       <<<<

*Phase III

IV) Clean/Squat/Press (VI

week 9: pyramid
week 10: ladder x3
week11: increase rep
week12:increase set





– increase weight by 20lbs per set/rung on the way up the ladder,
– increase weight by 5-10lbs per set/rung on the way down.
the last rep should be around 80% of your max
the first rep should be around 90lbs less that your target weight.

– rep ranges can be extended and so can the number of rungs/steps
– 7-10 sets is enough
– consider additional sets the same rep/weight or drop set
– the peak set (ex. 4R) should more or less be a repetition max?
– the first downward rung is a test to see how you adapt to changing demands
– further exploration is needed on this topic

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