Principle Based Training: Strength

1) Safety First (2) Strength has a greater Purpose (3) Tension is Strength (4) Relaxation is Strength 5) Perfect Technique (6) Long Rest (7) Simple (8) Sinister Strength Principles If you follow these principles you will ALWAYS progress. Because you will always have in the back of your head the reason you are training – making […]

Principle Based Training

This article is about what I do as “The Better Movements Specialist” This article will be as much about my training philosophy and coaching style – as it is about the end goal / vision of my business.   “The Socrates of Training” Sometimes it is better to ‘Work In’ than it is to ‘Work […]


> Tyler Lees-Schmut (Author)   LET THERE BE two athletes – of the same sport and same task. One athlete may be able to repeat this task again and again without issue. The other may be unable to complete this task even once…      The concept of periodization for athletics is not a new […]


A Strength Challenge all our own!?! For those of you who do not know what the TACTICAL STRENGTH CHALLENGE is, find our here. ============================ L.S.C = LatsOn Strength Challenge GOALS: To help promote a healthy and strong lifestyle To encourage community involvement To challenge your conceptions of ‘fitness’ To physically prepare you for life (as […]