Want to be Sustainable and Eat Healthy?
Think : ‘SOLL’

  • Seasonal
  • Organic
  • Local
  • Living

A Healthy Diet –
depends on Balancing these ‘3 Levers’ :

  • Time Restriction (when you eat)
  • Dietary Restriction (what you eat)
  • Calorie Restriction (how much you eat)

3 Steps Process For A Better Diet

Step 1 – Figure out your ‘normal’ diet by Journaling everything you eat for 2 or 3 weeks. Include the time at which you consume these foods and if possible how much.

Step 2 – Analyze & Replace – don’t just Remove certain things from your diet. Analyze when and what you eat to see if you can make adjustments is those areas too.

Step 3 – Review your progress every couple of weeks / months. Make small adjustments and give them time to manifest. Consistency & Patience are key.

Strategic Mindfulness :

  • Making a commitment to improving your diet is a good idea for everyone – The trick is to remember that you made this commitment! …and to carry it out even in times of stress.

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