The Organic Iron Method provides coaching in each of these areas (and much more) :

Movement Efficiency

Improve the performance of a specific movement.

Improve the performance of your movement in general.

Movement Development

Appropriate Physiological Triggers for strength, conditioning & health.

Intelligent Programming tailored to individual circumstances & needs.

But first … Start Here :

What is your ‘Level of Physical Competency’
Or – What is your Purpose?

– Introduction to Functional Movement

? Do you want to learn the basics?

Designed for people NEW to exercises and for those who want to MASTER the BASICS.

Start with a ‘Functional Movement Screen’ and find out what your body needs to work on.

Most REHABILITATION occurs in this category.

– General Physical Preparation

? Do you want to build general strength & conditioning?

MOST PEOPLE are in this category, and the majority of the fitness industry is directed towards it.

The PURPOSE of this type of training is to increase general ‘Work Capacity’

The Majority of the health benefits of exercises comes from training in this category.

– Goal/Sport Specific Preparation

? Do you have a specific Goal or play a Sport?

This type of training should be superimposed with GPP, and not focused on exclusively without the aid of a coach.

*** In reality, everyone requires a mix of all 3 categories in their training. A good Coach will be able to give you the combination that is best for you.

The Organic Iron Training Method can take anyone at any level of physical competency and improve their Movement Efficiency as well as their Health, Strength, Mobility & Conditioning; Building a resilient body.

Interested in the Organic Iron Training Method?
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