Recovery and Corrective Procedures

Hello My Friends! Today’s Post is about Recovery: Physical recovery and Movement recovery – via Corrective Movement Strategy Everyday Recovery Procedures 6-9 hours post workout recovery window: (your recovery procedures are maximized within this time period after training) hydrotherapy; cold/hot baths – 30s cold / 60s hot x 10 vibration – ‘fast and loose’ – […]

Eastern Wisdom

||- learn to die and you shall live for there is none who shall learn to truly live who have not learned to die -|| WISDOM – prajna : right view   –  right intention ETHICS – sila : right speech  –  right action  –  right livelihood MEDITATION – samadhi : right effort  –  right mindfulness  –  right concentration METAPHYSICAL […]

Strength Principles part 2

Hello again, This is a continuation of a two previous articles, StrongFirst: Principle Based Strength & Strength Principles part 1 This post is about the last 4 points of the StrongFirst ‘S‘ – Strength Principles: 5.Perfect Technique 6.‘Long’ Rest 7.Simple 8.Sinister     5) Perfect Technique every rep, every sets, every time…. technique, technique, technique […]