‘MEDs’ 4 Mindfulness

MINIMAL EFFECTIVE DOSES that will keep you healthy and happy 1. Movement 2. Nutrition 3. Mindfulness MINDFULNESS ’Super’ Mindful Breath Identify Your Emotion Check-In With Your Future Self Smile, Move, Talk or Try Something New The term Mindfulness is thrown around a lot these days, but what does mindfulness even mean? In defining something it […]

The Importance of Strength

Hello my friends! This is why Strength Is Everything ________________________________________________________________________ Our Strength determines the quality of our time here on earth. Our physical experience matters – how we function in our skin and how we interact (with others/ environment) is related to our ability to express our Strength. In general – a Strong individual is more likely to […]

Weeks Worth of Mindfulness (Aug-Sept)

With the goal of centering your mind – use these 7 Quotes, allow them to guide you on your path to a compassionate life. When frustrated or confronted with a problem – Allow these thoughts to direct your actions. Settle into your own natural rhythmic breathing, and begin. -*- “My suggestion or advice is very […]